Corona Virus Diaries – May 3, 2020

We’re still holding at 31 known cases in my county. Only problem with that is I recently heard all they were testing were health care workers. Who knows how many cases we’ve had? They’ve opened a drive-thru testing site about a half hour from us now, where anyone can be tested. What I want is an anti-bodies test. The more I hear about the symptoms, the more I wonder if what I had at the beginning of February was Corona virus, not just my sinuses. I had been in Florida for 3 weeks with friends and returned home to vote in the New Hampshire primary before I left on another trip. For about 10 days I was miserable with headaches, congestion, being tired, and nothing tasted good. I never ran a fever though – believe me, I checked several times a day at that point. No one in the house showed symptoms, so either it was just my sinuses, or everyone else contracted it and was asymptomatic. It would be nice to know, especially for my son who’s immunocompromised.

Quarantine depression is setting in again. Several of my friends are reporting the same thing. I felt it right away and upped my anti-depressants when this started (my doctor had always told me I could if I needed to). Yesterday I got our further north and it felt good to be out. Today, I just don’t want to. I know I would feel better doing it, but I have zero motivation to do so and really would like to just go lay in bed all day. It’s going to be a beautiful day, too. Would be great to put the top down on the Wrangler and drive around.

The White Mountain National Forest dialed back the list of trailhead closures on Friday. That’s a good thing. They are keeping the trailheads closed that are close to the population centers up here, but the more remote ones are now open. Since people from down south (and out of state especially) won’t stay home, better to keep them away from the rest of the population up here. I said to my daughter, when we went hiking in Lincoln Woods, the parking lot was empty. If I went to a trailhead and there were a lot of cars, specifically from out-of-state, I wouldn’t hike there. I’ve been going to more off-the-beaten path trails and during the week to some of the more popular trails that we can now use with no issue. People just have to use some common sense. Quite frankly, if people want to kill themselves by being in contact with each other on these trails when there are too many people there, I’m all for letting them. Yesterday there were two cars in the parking lot of the trails I was on. One of them was from New York; Manhattan specifically (I could tell by the license plate frame). I hope it was someone who chose to get out early on to a house they own up here. I can definitely understand that desire. Otherwise, you’re just potentially bringing the virus to an area that can’t handle it. The number of people who have died in NYC alone is about equal to the year-round population of the are I live in.

Will I go out? I don’t know. I bought stuff to make rum punch yesterday, so maybe I’ll just sit on the deck and read and try to relax a bit in the nice weather and have rum punch later. I just know it’s hard to be me under normal circumstances.