Discovery Cove: If You Do One Thing in Orlando, Make It This!

Despite all of the time I’ve spent in Orlando over the years, I’d never been to Discovery Cove. I went to Sea World when I was very young and then again last year when friends had comp tickets, but Discovery Cove wasn’t all that interesting to me. This past Black Friday, Sea World had aContinue reading “Discovery Cove: If You Do One Thing in Orlando, Make It This!”

What You’ll See on Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Over the years I’ve been to Disney World many times. I still remember a time before Disney’s Animal Kingdom existed. One thing I never miss is the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. Over the years, I stopped taking pictures and just watched, but this past year I snapped a bunch. I’ve never had a safari where IContinue reading “What You’ll See on Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

Travel During COVID: Aquatica Water Park in Orlando

A Black Friday deal gave us three days in Sea World parks as opposed to Universal Parks. With having to make reservations and two of the parks involving water activities, it was hard to choose what to do and when. January is a month where it can be up in the 70’s to near 80’sContinue reading “Travel During COVID: Aquatica Water Park in Orlando”

New Year’s in Saint Augustine

Birthdays were never a big thing for me. We’d say Happy Birthday and I’d get to pick what I wanted for dinner, and that was about it. Social media has made me see that a lot of other people make a big deal out of birthdays. So, for my 55th birthday, I planned it big.Continue reading “New Year’s in Saint Augustine”

Sexual Assault in the Hospitality Industry

I saw it happen again tonight in one of my hotel worker groups. It’s the dirty little secret you aren’t warned about before you start working in hotels: sexual assault. It happens more often than you think. I worked at a hotel from 2006-2015. Most of the time I was by myself at night. MostContinue reading “Sexual Assault in the Hospitality Industry”

Favorite Travel Photos: Nassau, Bahamas

In 2011 I went on a cruise with two friends. One had gotten us a great rate through her Union. I hadn’t been on a cruise in almost 20 years (my first and only one up until that point had been a disaster). This was my first time in Nassau, so I actually got offContinue reading “Favorite Travel Photos: Nassau, Bahamas”

Where Am I Once Again?

No, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the Earth. I also do not have COVID, nor have I taken part in the insurrection against our government. Three days ago was my 55th birthday. My family has never been big on birthday celebrations. I decided this year I was going to have a big-time birthdayContinue reading “Where Am I Once Again?”

Favorite Travel Photos: Disney World

Every other year we use our Disney Vacation Club points to rent a big villa and invite all the kids and their families. This was the first year my granddaughter was old enough for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, something I’d been dreaming of since she was born. Her special dress came from Trish Scully andContinue reading “Favorite Travel Photos: Disney World”

Favorite Travel Photos: Palomino Island, Puerto Rico

Back in February of 2017 I was still on medical leave from my job at a Hilton Brand hotel. The best perk of that job was employee rates at all Hilton properties. My daughter, Janine, and I were taking a cruise with friends out of San Juan. Since you can never know what the weatherContinue reading “Favorite Travel Photos: Palomino Island, Puerto Rico”

Favorite Travel Photos: Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

In 2017 I went to Las Vegas for the first time. I used my timeshare points to get us into the Jockey Club, right on the strip between the Cosmopolitan and the Bellagio. We had a fantastic view of the Bellagio Fountain all week long.