About the author….

Hello there! My name is Patti. I spent most of my life in the shadow of New York City on suburban Long Island. After 39 years, I found true happiness on a mountain in rural New Hampshire. I raised three children of my own, plus two “bonus kids” who came to live with me when they were twelve and thirteen years old. Having four teenagers at one time was an interesting experience. Two of the kids and my granddaughter and grandson still live at home.

Throughout my life I’ve never stopped learning and exploring. Learning new things and finding new places keeps me going in life. My first job was delivering the afternoon newspaper on my bicycle after school. Since then I’ve been a babysitter, cashier in a supermarket, worked at McDonald’s, teller at a bank, clerk at a publishing company, clerk in a freight company, computer supervisor in the accounting department of a freight company, office manager at several churches, and freelance office and accounting help to non-profits in the NYC area. After moving up here, I tried starting my own business just in time for the 2008 economic crash followed by eight years working as a night manager at a hotel. I now work from home in the travel industry.

My passion has been writing since high school. My friends and I would write our own “fanfic” for science fiction shows and movies, although we didn’t know it was called that at the time. I didn’t have the confidence in my writing to do much with it until I ventured into a group in the late 1990s for one of those science fiction shows and learned about fanfic and started posting some of my stories. From there, I found a website called Epinions where I had thousands of reviews posted at one point before it folded in 2014. Most of the reviews are outdated now, but my media reviews still stand the test of time and you’ll likely see them on this blog.

I love to travel and have a great group of friends called “The Naughty Ladies” whom I travel with frequently. I love geocaching and diamond painting as well. All of these adventures will also turn up in the blog from time to time. I love music from the 1980s and I am very outspoken about current events and politics. I’m pretty liberal, but I also own guns and hold people accountable for their own choices. I just know things can happen that are no fault of their own and precious little of our lives is really under our control.

Sit back and enjoy the ride…..