Monson Center, New Hampshire – A Hiking and Geocaching Adventure

Yesterday I decided to visit Monson Center. The area has five geocaches on it, and one in particular I needed to fill in a square on my Fizzy Grid (see my post on Geocaching Statistics). This area looked very interesting. Monson Center was a colonial settlement covering about 17,000 acres from 1737-1770. In the beginning,Continue reading “Monson Center, New Hampshire – A Hiking and Geocaching Adventure”

Book Review: Fifty Hikes in the White Mountains: A Guide to Hiking My Favorite Place on Earth

I had an older edition of Fifty Hikes in the White Mountains back when I used to go hiking with friends, fifteen years and three kids ago, so I was happy to see a newer edition. The title aptly describes the main purpose of the book; what is detailed here are fifty hikes of varyingContinue reading “Book Review: Fifty Hikes in the White Mountains: A Guide to Hiking My Favorite Place on Earth”

Camping with a Pop-Up: Day/Night Two

Night one had been one with little sleep. We learned the thin mattresses at each end of our pop-up camper were not very comfortable. In fact, it was like sleeping on a board. We were up at Cathedral Pines Campground in Eustis, Maine for a gathering of geocachers. I should geocache then, right? Well, IContinue reading “Camping with a Pop-Up: Day/Night Two”

Camping with a Pop-Up: Day/Night One

Despite having owned our pop-up camper for five years, it took until now to finally get to use it. Life just kept getting in the way. This year, with all the social distancing, it seemed the perfect time to use it. Our first idea was to go to Assateague, which got nixed due to quarantineContinue reading “Camping with a Pop-Up: Day/Night One”

Geocaching Northern Vermont and New York State

Yesterday I finally took a day to myself to go geocaching. I haven’t been in a while and I needed to get out. I’ve been nudged along reading Atreides78723’s blog to look at how many counties I have. Really, my count is abysmal compared to him. He’s only been geocaching since 2018 and has foundContinue reading “Geocaching Northern Vermont and New York State”

My 6,000th Geocache Find: Hiking Madame Sherri’s Forest & Castle

A few weeks ago I was approaching my 6,000th geocache find. I was planning to go back down to New York City and hit some old haunts and make the find at a location that meant something to me. COVID-19 made sure that wasn’t going to happen. In looking for a location closer to home,Continue reading “My 6,000th Geocache Find: Hiking Madame Sherri’s Forest & Castle”

Planning a Camping Trip: Cooking

While you’re camping at some point you’re going to have to eat. While you might have dreams of roasting steaks over an open fire, reality might be very different. The first time I took my kids camping by myself it was a campsite with no electric or water. I had a camp stove but hadn’tContinue reading “Planning a Camping Trip: Cooking”

Planning a Camping Trip: Sleeping

When I first started tent-camping with my kids, sleeping seemed like a no-brainer. I mean, camping=sleeping bags, right? Wrong. Sleeping bags are an easy way to camp when you go somewhere cool, or late in the fall or early spring. The first time we went camping was in August in upstate New York. Even whenContinue reading “Planning a Camping Trip: Sleeping”

Planning a Camping Trip: Shelter

Camping is a great way to get away, especially during these times. It’s fairly inexpensive once you’ve invested in your gear, and you can socially isolate pretty easily. I used to do it with my kids about 17 years ago – just myself and three kids. I had a lot of fun doing it, evenContinue reading “Planning a Camping Trip: Shelter”

Planning a Vacation During Corona

We had a spike of 7 new cases of Corona last week in our county. That’s the most we’ve seen in a day so far. It’s due to the tourists coming here. It’s a scary thing to think about. I’m glad we kept my son home from work for the summer. It’s driving me crazyContinue reading “Planning a Vacation During Corona”