Choosing Blu-Rays for Twelve Days

One thing we learned when we went camping in Rhode Island for three nights last month (our second overnight with our new camper) was that went the campground doesn’t have wifi, and using our phones to stream blows through our data plan in less than a day. Thankfully, the month was reset a couple of days after that trip. We’re taking off for 12 nights on Tuesday to visit with my daughter in Tennessee and see some sights there. I’m pretty sure the two main campgrounds we booked have wifi, so no major issues, but there are a few nights on either side of those that we will be “dry camping” in locations where we probably won’t have a wifi connection.

A few years back I bought a multi-region blu-ray player, so I had our old Samsung blu-ray player sitting in a closet. I broke that out last week and tested it with the television in the camper – it works! Now to choose the blu-rays and/or DVDs to bring with us.


Of all the franchises I own on blu-ray, the Indiana Jones series is probably the one I watch the least. So that’s on the list and will hopefully entertain us a few nights if needed.

Back to the Future is another movie series I don’t rewatch as much as some others, and it’s a lot of fun.

I don’t think my son has ever seen the original Tron movie. With Disney opening up a Tran Coaster in the near future, we need to watch it.

This is an older collection of the Transformer films and only includes three of them. Still, it’s worth bringing along.

The Alien series is about as close to horror as I get, and it’s also something we can’t watch often at home with the grandchildren around.

The original Jumanji is also definitely worth bringing along. We’ve watched the new versions repeatedly.

Another collection item that we don’t watch all that often, so it’s worth bringing. Sometimes these older movies seem new again.

I think I’ve watched this film once. Definitely time for another look!

This is another film we don’t watch often at home. Fun film that I can’t take too seriously.

Continuing with the theme of “fun” films I chose Haunted Mansion.

My son loves Godzilla, particularly the old films. Might as well bring them!

I anticipate adding to our camper blu-ray collection. I’m open to suggestions!

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  1. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension – has Peter Weller, Jeff Goldblum, John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd, and Ellen Barkin… Probably one of the funniest, most entertaining SciFi movies ever!

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