It’s Not Them, It’s You

I keep reading about the problems people are having filling low-wage jobs right now. Those with class privilege have no problem pointing the finger at the current level of unemployment benefits and urge an end to the COVID benefits so they can find staff again (or find people to serve them again). It speaks volumesContinue reading “It’s Not Them, It’s You”

The GOP Hypocrisy Continues: Why Even Local Candidates Can’t Be Considered

My friend Alex wrote an excellent post a few days back about how he was a victim of the “cancel culture” right-wingers are currently wringing their hands about. You see, he was posting links to his blog on his own web page and in several Facebook groups and one Trump-loving hypocrite took umbrage at theContinue reading “The GOP Hypocrisy Continues: Why Even Local Candidates Can’t Be Considered”

The Difference Between Exploiting a Community and NIMBYism

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, there was a long fight against the Northern Pass Project. The is was a private project to run high power transmission lines through the mountains of New Hampshire to deliver hydropower from Quebec to Massachusetts. This would have carved up a number of forests with no clear benefitContinue reading “The Difference Between Exploiting a Community and NIMBYism”

Please Refrain From “Counseling” Strangers on the Internet

I’d say that over the past few years, I’ve managed to cull people who I consider a detriment to my life. I enjoy discussions a lot, and I don’t mind having what I believe or perceive challenged, but I’ve jettisoned people who were more about conflict in my life than a mutual exchange of ideas.Continue reading “Please Refrain From “Counseling” Strangers on the Internet”

Corona Virus Diaries: February 15, 2021

Well, here we are. It’s more than a year since things went to hell in a handbasket. I was advocating for my son to be in the 1A group. He is immunocompromised due to getting infusions of Remicaide for his Crohns Disease. Being home for as long as he was last year was tough onContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: February 15, 2021”

10 of the Worst Songs of All-Time

There are some times you look back on times in your life and wonder “what was I thinking?” I wonder if musicians do that about some of their popular songs? Let’s face it, there are some real stinkers out there that somehow managed to sell a lot of copies. I guess if it put enoughContinue reading “10 of the Worst Songs of All-Time”

There’s Always been Identity Politics

There is so much of the last four years that could be written about. Every day it seemed like there was another event that was, at the very least, unethical by what had been our standards. I swore off the news to keep my anxiety level down, but I heard most of the repulsive storiesContinue reading “There’s Always been Identity Politics”

Sexual Assault in the Hospitality Industry

I saw it happen again tonight in one of my hotel worker groups. It’s the dirty little secret you aren’t warned about before you start working in hotels: sexual assault. It happens more often than you think. I worked at a hotel from 2006-2015. Most of the time I was by myself at night. MostContinue reading “Sexual Assault in the Hospitality Industry”

Corona Virus Diaries: January 16, 2021 and Musings on the Last Two Weeks

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about COVID, but I thought about it every day, of course. Going to Disney World, you’re reminded constantly on property to wear a mask and social distance. By staying pretty much in that “bubble” we seem to have escaped it. We’re now taking a couple of daysContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: January 16, 2021 and Musings on the Last Two Weeks”

“Wholesome” vs. Fiction vs. The Truth

I started reading the Little House books when I was in second grade, after receiving On The Banks of Plum Creek as a gift from a family friend at Christmas. I read them over and over again, both as a child and as I grew older. I knew they were fictionalized to a point. IContinue reading ““Wholesome” vs. Fiction vs. The Truth”