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Book Review: Moneyball by Michael Lewis – Underdogs Rejoice

One of the pleasures of being a Mets fan is always knowing you’re the underdog.  It’s never seemed as if they were a sure thing, even in 1986.  Back then, they seemed to delight in making fans scream at the television in frustration as they stretched elimination in the playoffs and World Series to the…

Move Review: Outrage – Tabloid Fodder or Necessary Evil?

Written by Kirby Dick and Amy ZieringDirected by Kirby Dick Over the years I’ve heard the comment that if all the gays and lesbians were kicked out of Washington DC, our government would shut down.  Whether the statement is accurate or not, one cannot deny that the business of running the country is a tough…

Book Review – Cold Mountain: A Novel by Charles Frazier – A Civil War Odyssey

Cold Mountain is based on tales handed down in author Charles Frazier’s family over the generations. Many of us have similar tales handed down that may or may not be factual, but make for an interesting tale. Frazier adds details to make this a book that’s part romance, part history, and part tragedy. Ada is…


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