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INXS: Australian Made – Good, But Could Have Been Better

Released in 1987, INXS: Australian Made seems like the idea was to introduce other, lesser-known Australian musicians to people by capitalizing on the popularity of INXS. The only other artist on the disc that I’d heard of before, besides INXS, were the Divinyls. INXS: Australian Made features live performances by Australian bands. It opens by […]


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Musings for the day, inspired by my personal experiences here. Reflections and memories. Want to know more about me? This will clue you in.


My favorite hobby. At times I’m obsessed. It takes me to all kinds of interesting and beautiful places.

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Hello there! My name is Patti. I spent most of my life in the shadow of New York City on suburban Long Island. After 39 years, I found true happiness on a mountain in rural New Hampshire.

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