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2023 Spring Camping Trip: Day Four – Battlefields, Barks & Beer

My daughter Janine had today off, so she joined us for some sight-seeing. I was impressed that although she’s lived here for two years, I showed her a place she didn’t know existed! Our first stop of the day was Stones River National Battlefield. This was a pivotal and bloody episode of the Civil War…

2023 Spring Camping Trip: Day Three -Holy Hillbilly Hell

Today was going to be a relatively short drive from Bristol, Tennessee to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was about 4 hours, but of course, towing a trailer slows us down, plus bathroom and gas breaks and walking the dog. Oh yeah, and Buccee’s. What is Buccee’s? It’s primarily located in Texas and across the southeast. Think…

2023 Spring Camping Trip: Day Two

Last night after I posted the blog, I went for a walk. There is a nice creek alongside the campground and they have swimming and water activities there in warmer months. I don’t know if it was running high from snowmelt or if it’s usually as high as it was last night. I looked at…


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