Spock vs. Q: Comedy for the Star Trek Fan

This was one of those freak purchases. I was actually buying something else at Amazon when this came up in a suggestion of what to buy with it. I was immediately intrigued by the description and purchased it. This is an audio production by a group known as Alien Voices. Some people might have heardContinue reading “Spock vs. Q: Comedy for the Star Trek Fan”

Corona Virus Diaries – July 24, 2020

We had our first Corona Virus death in the county on Wednesday. All we know was it was a male under 60 years old and not connected to a nursing home. Our total number of cases is up to 77. That’s up almost 30 in less than a month – the effect of everything “openingContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – July 24, 2020”

Graduation in the Time of Corona

In March most schools in the nation, and around the world, went to remote learning. At first people were thinking a few weeks, then a month, then it started looking like school was done for the year. Seniors lost all of the fun for their senior year – senior trips, senior prom, even graduation. I’mContinue reading “Graduation in the Time of Corona”

Corona Virus Diaries – June 10, 2020 & Coming Up on Thoughts From the Mountain Top

Although things are “opening up” we all know the Corona Virus hasn’t gone away. We’re at 49 confirmed cases in our county. I’m happy we haven’t seen a spike since we’ve had more people day-tripping here the past two weeks Hotels just reopened last weekend for some stays and we’ll see what happens over theContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – June 10, 2020 & Coming Up on Thoughts From the Mountain Top”

Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 101

I’ve often said Long Island was one of the most segregated places in the nation. For all the talk about the northeast being filled with “liberals” I didn’t see a lot of it. I had people who modeled a behavior and a way of life that was righteous, and then there were other people. IContinue reading “Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 101”

Corona Virus Diaries – May 19, 2020

Spring has finally sprung here in northern New England. It’s about 3 weeks later than usual, but the trees sprouted their leaves this weekend. It’s nice to see the new green leaves against the deep blue shies we get. The view of Mount Chocorua from my deck gets covered up when the trees fill in.Continue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – May 19, 2020”

Corona Virus Diaries – May 13, 2020: Freedom of Speech and Becoming a Better Person

We’re steady at 37 confirmed cases in the county, despite increased testing. There’s now a drive-thru testing site about 20 minutes south of us. I just wonder what the count would be if we’d had better access to testing since the beginning of March. I want to go for an anti-body test, but I readContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – May 13, 2020: Freedom of Speech and Becoming a Better Person”

Corona Virus Diaries – May 3, 2020

We’re still holding at 31 known cases in my county. Only problem with that is I recently heard all they were testing were health care workers. Who knows how many cases we’ve had? They’ve opened a drive-thru testing site about a half hour from us now, where anyone can be tested. What I want isContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – May 3, 2020”

Grandpa Fries and the Irish Sweepstakes (or Why My Family Never Wins Anything)

Yup, that’s my grandfather above. In the paper for having won what we were always told was the Irish Sweepstakes. In researching for this story, I think I’ve discovered that it had something to do with the British Grand National horse race. That is interesting in itself as I don’t quite understand how Americans wereContinue reading “Grandpa Fries and the Irish Sweepstakes (or Why My Family Never Wins Anything)”