Graduation in the Time of Corona

View from Cranmore Mountain

In March most schools in the nation, and around the world, went to remote learning. At first people were thinking a few weeks, then a month, then it started looking like school was done for the year. Seniors lost all of the fun for their senior year – senior trips, senior prom, even graduation.

I’m lucky to live where I do. Truth be told, I’m actually a little jealous now of this year’s seniors from Kennett High School in Conway, NH. All five of my kids graduated from there. This year, though, they had an amazing graduation.

Social distancing graduation in the mountains

This was a great way to turn a negative into a positive. While maintaining social distancing, the graduates and up to four guests were treated to something special. In cooperation with a local ski resort, Cranmore Mountain, students were given a time to show up with their families and loaded onto a chair lift. They road it to the top of the mountain where the Principal of the high school, Kevin Richard, and school board members were waiting to hand out diplomas and take once-in-a-lifetime pictures in their cap and gowns with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains behind them.

And it made news around the world!

It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate the beauty of where we live as well as the accomplishments of these seniors. In a year they’ll never forget, I hope our town has managed to send them out into the world on a positive note.

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