Corona Virus Diaries – July 24, 2020

We had our first Corona Virus death in the county on Wednesday. All we know was it was a male under 60 years old and not connected to a nursing home. Our total number of cases is up to 77. That’s up almost 30 in less than a month – the effect of everything “opening up” and so many people pouring into the area from out of town. This summer so far has been overwhelming with out-of-towners. People are complaining more than ever about not being able to get into beaches on the lakes and rivers due to the sheer number of people with out-of-state license plates who decamp there. In our town the beaches were made residents-only (including people with second homes who have a dump-sticker). I anticipate more places in the area enforcing that going forward.

My son had his infusion of Remicaide today (above). He gets those every 8 weeks to keep his Crohn’s Disease in remission. Each infusion costs more than $15,000. We are lucky my spouse’s health insurance continues to cover him. It should continue after age 26 due to his disability of being on the autism spectrum. There’s no way we could afford that otherwise. It’s one of the reasons I panic so much every time there’s an attempt to roll back the laws regarding health insurance coverage and pre-existing conditions. I watched him wither at age 15 from 145 pounds to less than 100 pounds before they began these infusions that brought this under control.

For a while we had infusions at home. Now they do them at the local hospital. I changed that when one time there was a filter missing from all of the supplies they send for the home infusions. The nurse who was here was told by her supervisor to just do the infusion without the filter. To her credit, she refused. She said in all likelihood there wouldn’t be a problem, but why chance it. After that I fired the at-home infusion company and changed it to the hospital. Everyone there knows him by now and just loves him. He’s always such a trooper with the infusions and doesn’t complain. The nurse today said he always has such a bright smile on his face he brings joy to the infusion center.

It’s going to be another hot weekend, although Monday will be the really steamy day. We have our granddaughter for the weekend so I guess we will be at our beach in our development for most of it. I need to make a run to a discount store that’s about 10 miles from here, Ocean State Job Lot, so I’ll probably just take her with me. I want to get some large beach towels and blankets. We are planning to go to the actual beach next weekend down in Hampton, NH.

Right now I have the Mets-raves game on. Yay baseball is back! I miss my baseball. I sort of feel like the season is going to have an asterisk to it no matter who wins. I do appreciate the entertainment and diversion from everything else. We really need it at this point. Emotions are running high for people right now. I just noticed BLM on the pitchers mound so it’s on camera for every pitch. Way to go Mets!

I’m approaching my 200th entry on this blog. I’ve tried before to create a site with my old Epinions reviews but I’ve never gotten this far in the past. I usually lose interest in short order. I think between the pandemic and being in a different frame of mind, I’m having more success being diligent about posting new entries and old. I lost interest in Epinions at the end, just before they shut down the site. That was mostly due to losing my daughter. There are some days I feel like writing now, and some days I don’t. It’s good that I have the old media reviews to fall back on and keep content coming.

Here’s to the next 200 posts!

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  1. What a contrast. Here in Orange County (CA), they’re reporting a total 32,647 cases and 543 death. Of course the population is roughly 3 million.

    Yes, I wear a mask and wash my hands too much.

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