The Difference Between Personal Attacks and Personal Information

Some people get upset when you bring up personal information during an argument or discussion. I do believe there’s a time and a place where that is okay; if there is something in their background or life that casts their position in a different light. Let’s take the case of a former friend I hadContinue reading “The Difference Between Personal Attacks and Personal Information”

FUBO TV Deletes Channels and Ups Their Price

We cut the cord on cable a few months back. After comparing all of the services out there for streaming, we went with FUBO TV. They had the channels we wanted for the most part, and at a good price. We have been pretty satisfied with it. Until today. I came home and my sonContinue reading “FUBO TV Deletes Channels and Ups Their Price”

Corona Virus Diaries – June 27, 2020

Here we are at the beginning of summer, and, really, not much has changed since the end of March. We had a chance to get some control of the situation and it was squandered. I didn’t have much hope for the country as it was and our selfishness and irresponsibility far exceeded my expectations. HereContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – June 27, 2020”

Black Lives Matter Protest in North Conway

I was so very proud of the town I live in yesterday. New Hampshire is not a state known for its diversity. In the 2010 census we were 94% white. The few African-Americans who live in our town tend to stand out. Yesterday there was a protest in town for Black Lives Matter. I’ve satContinue reading “Black Lives Matter Protest in North Conway”

Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 103 – It Gets Worse

In my last post I covered how the police started treating the neighborhood differently once we were “mixed.” What could have been a very bad incident didn’t bring police in until shots were fired, more than 40 minutes after the first phone call was made. Almost 10 years after that incident, I was out ofContinue reading “Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 103 – It Gets Worse”

Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 102 – When the Police Treat You Different

As I mentioned before, I grew up in a town that went from being a town of mostly Jewish and Italian residents to multi-cultural. Those changes brought about pushback from the white residents. Most people just sold their homes and left as part of the blockbusting and racial steering that went on by the localContinue reading “Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 102 – When the Police Treat You Different”

Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 101

I’ve often said Long Island was one of the most segregated places in the nation. For all the talk about the northeast being filled with “liberals” I didn’t see a lot of it. I had people who modeled a behavior and a way of life that was righteous, and then there were other people. IContinue reading “Growing Up On Long Island: Racism 101”

A “Nice” Person Doesn’t Suddenly Become a Racist

People are talking widely about the Amy Cooper incident in New York City. If you haven’t read the stories or seen the video, she had her dog off-leash in a section of Central Park where that isn’t allowed. An African-American man, Christian Cooper (no relation) asked her to keep the dog on a leash. HeContinue reading “A “Nice” Person Doesn’t Suddenly Become a Racist”

Calling Out Misogyny on the Internet

I’ve written before about misogyny on my old blog. Along with racism, it’s one of the scourges of our modern times. Just as many racists will swear up and down they aren’t racist, many men can’t see their misogyny when it’s out there on display. People seem to lack the self-awareness to consider how theyContinue reading “Calling Out Misogyny on the Internet”

Corona Virus Diaries – May 13, 2020: Freedom of Speech and Becoming a Better Person

We’re steady at 37 confirmed cases in the county, despite increased testing. There’s now a drive-thru testing site about 20 minutes south of us. I just wonder what the count would be if we’d had better access to testing since the beginning of March. I want to go for an anti-body test, but I readContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – May 13, 2020: Freedom of Speech and Becoming a Better Person”