An Open Letter to Don Bolduc: You’re No General Eisenhower (And You Could Learn a Few Things From Him)

Dear Don,

You like to make a lot out of your military service. Unlike Republicans in 2004, I won’t disparage that because everyone who voluntarily serves puts their lives on the line for this country, whether the “wars” were really necessary or not. Thank you for your service. If you represent what the military has become, though, we’re in serious trouble.

Imagine, if you will, basing military strategy on unfounded rumors. Maybe that’s not so far-fetched for you, considering you’re in the political party that promoted “weapons of mass destruction” that didn’t exist. How many US Soldiers were killed, injured, or dealing with the consequences mentally of those lies?

But I digress. You heard a story from someone somewhere that there were litterboxes in school classrooms that students who identified as “furries” were using for the bathroom. You jumped on this without checking into the story and repeated it. Why? Because it fit the narrative you wanted to put out there. Apparently, you’re a transphobe and a homophobe, and this was how you chose to telegraph it.

It’s not happening. But what is happening is hysteria in this state now where parents are ready to take their kids out of school.

I blame No Child Left Behind (thank you George W. Bush). We’ve had almost 21 years now of social promotion because that’s what it is. Schools worry more about the percentage of students who fail, rather than really educating them, so they push students through and graduate them, even though they should be failing them. We have gullible people who listen to these stories and freak out, even though there isn’t a shred of truth to them. “My friend’s daughter was bit by one!” Only you can’t pin down the actual person it happened to. “I’m pulling my kids out!” And you think you’re qualified to teach them? You just bought into this bullshit hook, line, and sinker. Tell me how you’re going to educate a high school student in advanced mathematics or science?

I’m digressing again. The problem is, Mr. Bolduc, that once you were informed this bullshit you repeated was false, you should have retracted it and issued an apology. I get why you didn’t. After all, if a General falls for bullshit like this, what does it say about him? It says you pretty much can’t trust his judgment. It says he will believe the absolute stupidest, most ridiculous stories as long as it fits your preconceived notions, rather than seek out the truth.

There are litterboxes in many schools – do you know why? It’s part of a kit in the classrooms so if there is an active shooter on the campus and students have to be barricaded in their classrooms they’ll have a place to go to the bathroom.

Republicans’ inaction on gun control is why there are litterboxes in the classroom, not because kids are identifying as cats and using a litterbox. You could get the litterboxes out of the classroom, General, if your party would actually stand up and enact some common-sense gun control legislation.

I get it, though, none of it fits your narrative.

Which is why I say you could learn a thing or two from other military leaders who became politicians. In particular, I think of General Eisenhower and Captain John McCain.

I disagree with nearly everything John McCain represented politically, and I doubt I’ll ever forgive him for foisting Sarah Palin on the American population. However, in 2008 when he was running opposite Barack Obama, he stood up to the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party. The part of the Party that you now embrace with no reservations.

He would not go along with spreading lies or misinformation simply to get more votes. We know why these people were “scared”. Obama was black and that’s all they needed to know. But McCain was an honorable man and wouldn’t let it descend into the insanity we see in this year’s political races.

The fact that you, Mr. Bolduc, will not walk back the rhetoric you’ve put out there means you have no integrity. I’m very sad to see that in someone who served in the military. My father served in the Navy during World War II. I have a son currently serving in the Army. There are many good people serving this country.

Unfortunately, the honor of many of those serving doesn’t seem to have had an impact on you. Instead you say and do dishonorable things in an almighty quest for power.

You could learn a number of things from President Eisenhower. He was easily the greatest former military man to ever hold the office of the President. Are you figuring if you tow the Party line you can go from broke to millionaire like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green? That’s the only thing I can fathom.

In addition, you think local politicians should have a say over a woman’s health concerns. You won’t even admit you’re wrong about something as ridiculous and stupid as this! Why should an uneducated politician have more of a say over a woman’s health concern than her or a qualified, educated physician?

You’ve turned into a buffoon. A white, fragile, male, buffoon. Any respect your military service once brought you is gone, except for in the nutty right-wing extremist cult you belong to.

There’s still time to be a decent human being. I just don’t believe you can do it.

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  1. I am pretty tired of morons blindly believing ridiculous rumors that fit their agenda, then lecturing the rest of us on “reality”, and then refusing to backtrack when proven wrong. I saw the video and read about it in the news so I was aware this hoopla. Based on what I’ve seen on Facebook it is especially older white conservative leaning guys, much like me, who falls for this crap.

    Once a friend of mine, an older Trump voter, claimed something that looked quite bizarre and I looked it up on snopes and found that it was a falsehood and why it was known to certainly be a falsehood. I posted a friendly comment pointing out that his post was false. He deleted my comment and left a comment mocking me. He was angry. I commented again leaving the same link to snopes telling him that it is false and he should not be spreading misinformation. Well, he blocked me. Later he wanted to be friends again, but I blocked him. I consider him a liar if he asks. The spreading of misinformation has become a big problem and many of the brain washed Trump supporters often do not have the integrity to want to distinguish truth and falsehood. For example, Don Bolduc is not the slightest interested in the truth. He picked a false rumor that fit his agenda and ran with it regardless of the truth.

    • Yes. They don’t care about reality. They don’t care about the truth. I did the same thing with people, tried to have a dialogue about the truth. I remember one time I worded it to someone “well, this is how it was reported so I can see why you would think that, but this is the truth…” and got the same reaction you did. They have a need to believe what fits their agenda and it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. I have local friends who are buying the b.s. he’s selling and want to pull their kids out of school because of it. Of course, that feeds into the dismantling of public education. Bolduc is a real piece of work.

  2. It has gotten so bad that I’m considering it a blessing that my very politically progressive mother did not live to see/hear all of this stuff. She would have been writing letters to the editor and posting non-stop on FB… She could not abide a liar!

    • Same here. My mother would have been so sad to learn that people she loved have bought into this bullshit. I’m glad that she isn’t here for it. I’m getting memories in my feed now from 10 years ago, when she was dying, and she was so upset that she was in the hospital and couldn’t vote on Election Day.

  3. What is happening now in the U.S. is, in many ways, similar to what happened in Germany in the early 1930s. There are too many angry, confused, bitter people, mostly white, who are grasping for any cause, including fascism, to stave off demographical and societal change.

    Even when conservatives don’t go off into Crazy Belief Corner and accept every zany rumor they hear, they still prefer myths over reality. They want to believe that race issues ended with legalized slavery (which, by the way, was never 100% abolished. According to the 14th Amendment, some form of slavery is still allowed if you’re in prison. True story.), and that everything America has done in the past (the near genocide of the native population, segregation, anti-LGBTQ prejudice, wars of choice, etc.) was good, noble, and can’t be criticized.

    Hell, they don’t want to admit that racism still exists in the 21st Century.

    Fascism, Nazism, Trumpism, MAGAism….they’re one and the same. And they’re all based on lies.

    “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”- Adolf Hitler

    • Yes, it’s very true. I was shocked how many of my former classmates spouted racism. We were integrated as I was growing up and if anyone should have grasped that we are all equals it should have been us. We spent 4-6 years interacting on a daily basis with people a different shade of skin than us, yet the racism is still there. No one wants to take a good, hard look at themselves because they know they won’t like what they see there, so this is what we have instead.