Corona Virus Diaries: December 22, 2020 and Thoughts on Skylar Mack and the Cayman Islands

Heading into Christmas, we’ve reached 735 total COVID cases in the county I live in, yet only 3 deaths. That’s a little lower than the 1-2% rate of death the virus is seeing in general. Right now we’re showing 118 active cases currently. We just had a big outbreak at a drug treatment center inContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: December 22, 2020 and Thoughts on Skylar Mack and the Cayman Islands”

Facebook Sucks: Lazy Attempts at Hate-Speech Censoring Goes Awry

I’m currently banned from Facebook for 24 hours, and it’s one of the two worst days of the year for me. Today, my oldest daughter, who committed suicide, would have turned 30. I’ll get through it. The excitement of a new car helps, although I am still mourning my Wrangler. It sucks, though, because IContinue reading “Facebook Sucks: Lazy Attempts at Hate-Speech Censoring Goes Awry”

“Both Parties Are the Same” is an Excuse for Lazy People

I have very few friends anymore who are Trump supporters. That’s deliberate. Trump and his followers are generally bad for my mental health. I have enough anxiety for my entire family – I don’t need to add more on top of it. I have concerns about the ACA going away for a number of reasons,Continue reading ““Both Parties Are the Same” is an Excuse for Lazy People”

Corona Virus Diaries: October 17, 2020

Here we are, more than midway through the month of October in the year we can’t wait till it ends. I’m counting down the days until November 3rd and seeing what shakes out from that, then hopefully to the end of the year. I have tentative travel plans from now through March of 2021 andContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: October 17, 2020”

Rest in Peace, Eddie Van Halen

I was fortunate enough to see Van Halen several times. Once, in 1982, when David Lee Roth was still the lead singer, and a couple of times with Sammy Hagar singing lead. I have to say those concerts were memorable, not for the music but for the fun. On stage, those guys just seemed toContinue reading “Rest in Peace, Eddie Van Halen”

What I Would Say

I’m not trying to minimize your pain. It’s there and it’s very real if you’ve gotten to this point. I’ve been there myself – many times over the years. It hurts, a lot. What stopped me, usually, was hope. I had some hope of things getting better. And they did, for a while, anyway. That’sContinue reading “What I Would Say”

Thoughts For September 19, 2020

Fall has come to Northern New England; a little earlier than usual. I don’t know if it’s the smoke from the wildfires cooling it off sooner, or the effects of the moderate drought we’re in, but the leaves are changing fast. I think by next week we’ll be close to peak color in a lotContinue reading “Thoughts For September 19, 2020”

Another Reason We Shouldn’t Celebrate Columbus Day: It’s All A Lie

There has been a great deal of movement over the last decade or so to stop celebrating Columbus Day. Most of the argument has to do with what happened to the Native Americans subsequent to Columbus “discovering” America. Between pox-ridden blankets, one-sided treaties (that were then later broken anyway), and out and out extermination, there’sContinue reading “Another Reason We Shouldn’t Celebrate Columbus Day: It’s All A Lie”

What Have We Become? When Being Popular on Social Media Overrides Compassion

I saw this story this morning in my feed. I subscribe to several newspapers, the Washington Post being one of them. This is the beginning of that story: Armed with a crowbar, a man in a black tank top approached Joslyn Allen on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles just after 2 a.m. on Monday, spewingContinue reading “What Have We Become? When Being Popular on Social Media Overrides Compassion”

Suburban Corruption on Long Island

Greed and corruption is as old as time and happens everywhere. I saw it when I lived on Long Island in two different towns, and I see it where I live now. A discussion in a group about one of the towns I lived in sparked this memory. A neighbor of ours divorced her husbandContinue reading “Suburban Corruption on Long Island”