The Great Mask Debate: Sending Your Child to Potentially Die on Your Sword

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There is great debate going on right now about masks in schools. Honestly, I don’t see why it’s an issue. It seems to me to be pretty cut-and-dried that children can’t be vaccinated just yet and they should be wearing them to try to contain the spread of COVID. In addition, we don’t know yet if people will be needing booster shots for their vaccine, so children carrying the disease could bring it home to relatives who are no longer immune. In addition, there are people like my son who is immunocompromised due to the chemotherapy he receives to treat Crohn’s Disease. There are many auto-immune diseases out there that the treatment compromises the immunity of the sufferer. I’m sure there are teachers in schools that fall into this category.

But hey, fuck you because this is the sword I’m willing to let my kids and yours and others die on.

Conway Daily Sun photo

The charming man above is one of those upstanding citizens who attended a school board meeting in my town. This is how he responds to people’s concerns about COVID and asking people to wear a mask. There have been numerous letters by the anti-maskers all making unsubstantiated claims and using discredited studies to try to bolster their opinion. When a doctor wrote in pointing out the fact that doctors and nurses and others wear masks all day long and don’t suffer, he was attacked in the paper and had to repeatedly answer their false claims until he finally gave up because they are so ridiculous.

These people fancy themselves some kind of “warriors.” They like to envision themselves like the people who have stood up to tyranny in the past. Somehow, in their delusional minds, arguing that their kids shouldn’t wear a mask to school is the same as standing up to a despot hell-bent on murdering everyone who doesn’t support him.

No, you aren’t some warrior. You are a pretty crappy citizen and if you think you are a “Christian” you’re a pretty poor one of those too. We are supposed to care for the least of those in our society. What you should be doing is telling your children “I know it’s uncomfortable, I don’t like it either. We need to do this, though, to keep you as safe as possible, your friends as safe as possible, your teachers as safe as possible, and anyone else this virus puts in danger.

It’s really not that hard.

Following that train of thought, everyone who chooses not to wear a mask should have to put their kids in a pool. If a teacher or student dies because people weren’t wearing masks, then maybe we should get to randomly pick one of their kids to die as well as a “consequence” of not wearing a mask. No, I’m not serious. But that’s following the same train of thought this women argues as she threatens the school board.

I was resistant to masks in March of 2020 when they first started saying we should wear them. The first few times I wore them I had to fight off panic attacks. I was convinced I couldn’t breathe, even when I could. I got used to them by wearing them for small periods of time, and increasing the time I wore them. I still hate them, but I see them as a necessary evil when I am inside at times, even though I am fully vaccinated.

I really don’t care what happens to adults who choose not to vaccinate. I know it’s not very Christian, and I’ll ask for forgiveness, but they made their choice and the consequences of that fall on them. Since most of them are people who consider themselves Republicans, there’s some good that might come out of this if a lot of them die. I think that’s why Faux News changed it’s tune last week; they realized they are killing off their viewers with these absurd positions.

These people will be the first to say if you live in fear you should keep your kids home. How about if you’re so afraid of a piece of cloth on the face, you keep your kids home.

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  1. The whole thing strikes me as sad. No, Mr./Ms. Anti-masker, you are not special, nor is your progeny. You are willing to sacrifice your darling offspring on the altar of “I’m right.” That’s repulsive enough. You will also sacrifice other innocent children and adults. Your actions will help overwork an already overworked medical system and kill healthcare workers.

    Just get the frigging shot and put on a damn mask.

    • I agree. I really don’t understand what their mentality is. I’m just glad one day, if their kids survive, they will be able to see the evidence everywhere that their parents were willing to let them die to “own the Libs” or whatever.