Cruise Review: Celebrity Solstice Alaska Itinerary June 2023 – Part 5: Skagway

Our final Alaskan destination on our 2023 Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Solstice was Skagway. My friends who had been there before unanimously stated we had to take the train ride.

We learned a lot of the history of Skagway and the gold rush. It’s amazing that people made it up here at all! They had to get through this part of the country usually with just wagons and mules and about 2,000 pounds of gear. In one spot, the trail was so narrow that it was single file in each direction with people attempting to get through.

As we moved through the mountains the scenery was just stunning. There’s a new bridge for the train at one point as the other one had become too old and was obsolete. We could see why as part of it had collapsed.

We were so lucky with the weather on this trip. It was another beautiful, stunning day.

Once we were back in Skagway, we met up with other friends and walked around town. We had lunch at a brewery in town, and then went off the beaten path to find the town’s distillery. They make very good drinks there and it was well worth the trek to

There has been a problem in Skagway with rockslides at the pier. The ship in front of us couldn’t even put down their gangplank, but had to tender to the town docks. We had to take a shuttle past the area of the rockslides. You can see it behind me in the picture below.

This was another great day, and another town I wouldn’t mind visiting again. I loved Alaska!

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