Corona Virus Diaries: December 22, 2020 and Thoughts on Skylar Mack and the Cayman Islands

Heading into Christmas, we’ve reached 735 total COVID cases in the county I live in, yet only 3 deaths. That’s a little lower than the 1-2% rate of death the virus is seeing in general. Right now we’re showing 118 active cases currently. We just had a big outbreak at a drug treatment center inContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: December 22, 2020 and Thoughts on Skylar Mack and the Cayman Islands”

Corona Virus Diaries – May 3, 2020

We’re still holding at 31 known cases in my county. Only problem with that is I recently heard all they were testing were health care workers. Who knows how many cases we’ve had? They’ve opened a drive-thru testing site about a half hour from us now, where anyone can be tested. What I want isContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – May 3, 2020”

Diamond Painting, or How I’m Surviving Corona Virus Quarantine

About a year ago, I discovered Diamond Painting. I don’t know what caught my eye; most likely a Facebook ad. I’m thankful I developed such an affinity for it, because it’s really helped me getting through this quarantine. For some reason, this activity seems to help a lot of people with anxiety to begin with,Continue reading “Diamond Painting, or How I’m Surviving Corona Virus Quarantine”

Corona Virus Diaries – April 4, 2020

In northern New Hampshire, we’re not feeling the impact as gravely as other parts of the country are. The confirmed cases in our county stands at 17. Coos County, just north of us, reported their first confirmed case yesterday. Part of the problem is lack of testing and lack of insurance among many of theContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – April 4, 2020”