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Very Best of Ghost Hunters: Volume 1 – Good If You Haven’t Seen the Show

For those of you who never saw the original Ghost Hunters television show on the Sci-Fi Channel, well, you’re missing out on something.

Jason and Grant are two Roto-Rooter plumbers by day, and investigators of paranormal phenomena in their “spare time.” They have a crew who accompany them on their investigations who also do most of the work in their spare time. They have been doing it for quite some time before getting a television show about it and have built up a certain degree of credibility mainly due to the fact that they approach an investigation as trying to disprove reports of what has happened, rather than trying to prove it. They use a variety of methods to do this, and a lot requires the use of technology.

The Very Best of Ghost Hunters – Volume 1 highlights the first season of the show. It introduces the whole concept where Jason explains that he created TAPS – The Atlantic Paranormal Society – after he had his own experience of witnessing a ghost. This is the crux of whether or not you will enjoy the show Ghost Hunters, whether Grant and Jason have real credibility with the viewer. They do with me.

Instead of picking highlights from the entire season, what’s here is a few episodes that were pretty good. They are presented in their entirety rather than just extracting some of the great moments out of the entire season and presenting it. You get to see Jason being crabby an awful lot – that’s some of the scenes that could have been deleted to make this a true “highlight” show.

The first episode is presented in its entirety and it’s a pretty amazing way to start off the series. I won’t spoil the episode, but it involves an investigation at a private home in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Deleted scenes from the episode are presented following the end of it.

The third episode from the first season is also presented. This included the investigation of The Lighthouse Inn in New London, Connecticut and the John Stone Tavern in Ashland, Massachusetts which was also a pretty cool investigation. Again, some deleted scenes are tacked right on the end of the episode.

The final piece presented is from the last episode of the season. The TAPS team travels to the home of Adam Zubrowski who has been having a series of strange happenings in his home, which is the home his grandparents built themselves and lived in their entire lives. This is the one piece that is greatly edited and is just one portion of the episode and investigation.

Included on the disc is also a Bonus Interview with Jason and Grant which lasts for five minutes and in which they discuss the first season. People who haven’t seen the show and only this disc will be lost since they talk about other events from episodes that aren’t on this DVD.

From this DVD you can tell they have a pretty decent team of investigators with a lot of credibility. Their crew works together great at times, and other times not so great. Since you don’t get to see all of what happens during the course of the entire season, you might not understand all of the personal issues going on here. To get a real good feel for how they work together, it’s better to watch more episodes of the show.

All in all, I didn’t find The Very Best of Ghost Hunters – Volume 1 to be worth my time. There was too little material here and I would rather watch the entire first season on DVD. However, I could see where this might be a way to show someone else a little bit of what the series is about. I wouldn’t recommend buying it, but if you rented it and found that you liked it, you would know that it would be well worth checking out the three DVDs that are currently on the market of their seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel.