Genesis: The Way We Walk: Live in Concert – Good for Fans of Genesis 1980’s-1990’s

Taken from Genesis’ 1992 tour, Genesis: The Way We Walk: Live In Concert was filmed at London’s Earl’s Court.  This is a two-DVD set with good coverage of the concert itself, although not much more. This is the Genesis line-up most people remember with Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, and Phil Collins front and center.  There are other musicians including Chester Thompson on the drums so Collins can focus more on his vocal performance.

This tour had a pretty lavish concert production.  There was extensive lighting, especially backlighting.  Watching the DVD, I was impressed that this didn’t blind the camera, not even from time to time.  Behind the band, while they’re performing is a large viewscreen.  This isn’t just used for shots of them playing live but for video accompanying songs such as Driving the Last Spike.

However, the song selection isn’t really what it should be. This was a time when concert tours were used to promote album sales and it shows with the bulk of the material coming from more recent albums to 1992 rather than what some would term “classic Genesis”.  There’s a lot more that could be included here to really give people a feel for the group and their material through the years. Instead, it seems to be more of a selection of pop-tunes.

Each of the two discs seems rather short, but that’s due to the multi-camera angle the concert is presented in as well as a commentary track.  I found the multi-camera angle to be more of a distraction than anything else.  The indicators for the multi-camera angle are on the screen the whole time and although this is a nice feature, in the end, I find that I am happier with concert DVDs that don’t include this feature but are produced in such a way that I don’t feel the need to use it. Here I did use it a few times and there are some nice alternate angles to the viewing.  At one point with the lighting and camera angles, Collins looks like he could be a madman or serial killer.

However, the concert was enjoyable overall, especially for those of us who remember this time of our life and enjoyed Genesis’ commercial success.  The music is excellent with good instrumentals with guitars and drums.  The sound on this production is a bit lacking, but not horrible.

I think most Genesis fans will like Genesis: The Way We Walk: Live In Concert although it would have been nice to have more music from the pre-Collins era.  Still, this is a good concert with a nice feature of different camera angles if you like that. Personally, I prefer one well-produced concert that I don’t feel the need to change angles all the time.

Performer Line-Up:

Tony Banks – keyboards
Mike Rutherford – Guitars
Phil Collins – Vocals and Drums
Daryl Stuermer – Guitars
Chester Thompson – Drums

Disc One Set List:

Land of Confusion
No Son of Mine
Driving the Last Spike
Fading Lights
Jesus He Knows Me


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Disc Two Set List:

Dreaming While You Sleep
Home By the Sea
Hold on My Heart
In the Glow of the Night
The Last Domino
The Drum Thing
I Can’t Dance
Tonight Tonight Tonight
Invisible Touch
Turn It On Again


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