Agent Carter

Series Rewatch – Agent Carter: A Little Song and Dance – The Penultimate Episode of the Series

Written by Christopher Markus, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby
Directed by Jennifer Getzinger

As the series Agent Carter draws to close, the creative side of the actors was given a bit of a stretch in the opening sequence of this episode, presented as a dream sequence while Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is unconscious. It also brings back members of the cast who we haven’t seen this season as a little gift to series fans.

A Little Song and Dance opens with just that as part of a dream sequence in black and white where Peggy encounters her deceased brother (Max Brown) in an empty SSR headquarters. From there, she is transported to a soundstage where she meets Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) and admits she doesn’t know what she wants. She starts dancing with Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin) and then Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) appears and they dance perfectly, without him needing his cane. This leads to a great dance sequence involving the entire cast until this point. Jarvis (James D’Arcy) then appears and tells her to wake up.

When she does, she’s tied up on the floor of a truck with Jarvis. Peggy manages to get them untied and they escape, but find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Souza, Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), and Dr. Samberly (Matt Braunger) are stranded in the desert. They are saved by agents sent to kill them when Thompson convinces them they are still on the same side.

Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) and Joe Manfredi (Ken Marino) have Jason in the back of their car. Jason knows something is wrong with him. He begs Whitney not to take him to a populated area. That is when they discover that Peggy and Jarvis have escaped.

While Peggy and Jarvis are walking through the desert, he lashes out at her. In return, Peggy tells him he has looked at what they’ve been doing as an adventure, and when they are done he can just go back to his wife and take up where they left off without suffering any loss. He makes a confession to her and they bond.

Thompson convinces Vernon Masters (Kurtwood Smith) he can use Souza and Samberley to take down Whitney Frost. Carter appears at SSR Headquarters and confronts Masters. Thompson and Souza pull her off and get her to go along with their plan.

Whitney and Manfredi take Jason to a waste management facility doubling as a lab in the desert. Whitney begins experimenting on him, trying to extract the black matter from him. It isn’t working. Jack Thompson comes to them and makes a play to double-cross Vernon with Whitney.

Jarvis is visiting with Ana (Lotte Verbeek) in the hospital. She scolds him for fussing over her while Peggy needs his help. Ana knows he’s keeping something else from him. She urges him to go help Peggy, though.

When Dr. Samberley can’t get his device to work, Peggy takes matters into her own hands.

A Little Song and Dance has a little of everything. There is the dream sequence which would seem out of place but is very enjoyable. It was nice to see the entire cast together and for them to show their talents outside of the roles they are playing. I also enjoyed seeing Angie again. The story itself is well-paced with great action sequences. All of the characters are building toward the end of the story and it fits together nicely.

Jason Wilkes’ character has been back and forth this season between a good guy and a bad guy. Peggy is still showing faith in him, which he confesses is undeserved. It’s setting the stage for what’s coming as his story can really only end one way. The conversation between Peggy and Jarvis is very good since it gives them both a chance to say things that needed to be said for both of them. Peggy is right – Jarvis has been treating a lot of what they’ve done together as a little adventure, only after Ana was shot he saw that there are real consequences and they are not playing a game. Peggy already knew that having lost both her brother and the man she loved during the War. She learns that now Jarvis knows that too.

The cast has been stellar throughout and here they are perfect. There are a lot of twists and turns as they make their way toward the end of the series. Chad Michael Murray is really great here as Jack Thompson. He is working so many angles it’s impossible to know what he’s really up to, and he plays it perfectly. I thought he was going to be left back in new York this season, but they made good use of him and Murray rose to the challenge of a man who plays both sides; sort of hedging his bets throughout the season.

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