2023 Spring Camping Trip: Days Nine, Ten, and Eleven

I knew at some point I wouldn’t manage to keep up the daily writing and this was where it fell apart. We left Hot Springs and our destination was Killeen, Texas where our son is stationed at Fort Hood. It wasn’t a bad drive but it was longer than the past couple of days of movement. I like the short-drive days better, I think.

We crossed into Texas and stopped at the Welcome Center. I grabbed a bunch of brochures as well as a geocache that was there.

And we achieved grandbaby! We spent the rest of that day with Lily and my daughter-in-law, Janet. The next day, we slept in and then picked Lily up from daycare. We spent the afternoon at their house relaxing, playing, and doing laundry.

On Day Eleven, we picked Lily up early before she went to daycare. She was still tired so she took a short nap in the camper while we got ready.

I had been to Waco with Janet and Lily once before when I came down to help out when my son was in the field. My son, Danny, loves Dr. Pepper, so we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum. It was a warm day so I didn’t want to leave Sansa in the truck with the windows cracked. I stayed in the courtyard of the Dr. Pepper Museum while Marc, Danny, and Lily took the tour.

We then walked over to the Magnolia Silos. This area is owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines of the HGTV Channel. I’ve never really watched their shows, but I like what they’ve done for the area here. They own the housewares store and the bakery. In the back by the silos is a great “lawn” (fake grass) for people to play and relax. There are a variety of food trucks all around. I got a rice bowl and shared it with Lily for lunch. Danny got a gourmet grilled cheese and Marc got a burger.

Marc needed to stop at a Hobby Store for radio-controlled cars and I had found one in Waco. We drove down there and I stayed in the truck with Lily and Sansa. By this time, Lily was taking a nap. We were going to go up to the Waco Mammoth, but I didn’t want to wake Lily, so we just went back to the house. We stopped before we got there to get groceries to make dinner that night for everyone.

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