2023 Spring Camping Trip: Day Seven – There’s a Storm Front Coming

Today was another relatively short travel day. We were only driving about 3 hours west of the KOA in West Memphis, Arkansas to Hot Springs, Arkansas. However, we had to time it right since there were severe storm warnings all over the place.

It was already raining when we were packing up. The campground was muddy, to begin with, and there was just nowhere for the water to go. It made it a bit of a challenge. I was watching the radar. While we were on I40, the sky started looking like the top picture. Marc decided to pull off, but there were no rest areas to be found.

Between the wind and the rain, we couldn’t see once the storm hit. A couple of tractor-trailers had pulled over on the side of I40 and Marc decided to do the same for a few minutes. It let up and we started again. A few miles later, it was pouring again and we stopped. When we started again this time, we managed to find a rest area. The buildings were closed and other than using it as a parking area, there were no facilities. Still, it proved to be a good place to stop and once the rain let up enough we walked the dog and made our lunches.

I was watching the radar since there were more storms coming, but I was pretty sure we could get to the National Park Campground I’d booked in Hot Springs. We did make it there before the next line of storms was on us. The site we are on here is slightly sloped, making for a challenge with balancing the trailer, but we got it done before the storm hit.

However, once it was raining hard we saw water on the floor of the trailer. I thought maybe it was from the rain against the door. We pulled everything apart and Marc finally figured out that one of the couplings that brought fresh water to the toilet in the bathroom had loosened. He got it tightened up and we haven’t seen any water since.

We made a quick trip to Walmart to get some groceries. I stayed in the trailer with the dog and got some work done. Not a busy day, but busy enough. Tomorrow we’ll check out the park and bathe in one of the bathhouses.

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