2023 Spring Camping Trip: Day Five

We left Murfreesboro today but got a late start. It rained hard overnight. I wasn’t sleeping well because I thought the dog had fallen asleep on my night-time medication and couldn’t find it (I found it this morning, but not where I thought it was) so I stayed in bed until after 8AM. It was still raining so Marc ran to Walmart to grab a few things before we packed up.

It was only a 4 hour drive between Murfreesboro and where we are staying near Memphis, which is actually in Arkansas. We crossed the Mississippi and found the campground pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It had rained here too, so everything was really muddy. We thought about going in to Memphis for dinner and some quick sight-seeing, but it was already after 6 by the time we were ready, so decided to stay in tonight.

Look at that temperature! We finally found warm weather. I shaved my legs so I could put on shorts tomorrow.

What did I think of the World Baseball Classic? Danny & I stayed up last night to the bitter end watching the game. It was another great game. I keep thinking the Commissioner of the MLB should be watching this and seeing how much people enjoyed it all over the world. There were no pitch clocks. There were no limits on the number of times you could throw to a base. Batters didn’t have to practically throw their gear off when they reached base. There was none of the nonsense they are doing this season trying to “speed up” the game. People enjoyed it.

I thought the final game was a great game, and I’m really not bothered that the US didn’t win. I just loved seeing exciting baseball. However, I do think the Mets should think about signing Trea Turner. The Phillies are going to be a very competitive team this year.

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