2023 Spring Camping Trip: Day Three -Holy Hillbilly Hell

Today was going to be a relatively short drive from Bristol, Tennessee to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was about 4 hours, but of course, towing a trailer slows us down, plus bathroom and gas breaks and walking the dog. Oh yeah, and Buccee’s.

What is Buccee’s? It’s primarily located in Texas and across the southeast. Think about Walmart, a truck stop, and Cracker Barrel getting together and having a baby. That’s Buccee’s.

There’s gas – plenty of gas pumps. I’ve never counted how many, but there are a lot. We are visiting my daughter and son-in-law in Murfreesboro and they asked us to bring them some brisket sandwiches and beaver nuggets from Buccee’s. No problem.

The brisket sandwiches are da bomb! You can watch them being prepared. They are either sliced or chopped. I didn’t know which way they wanted it, so I got them each two sandwiches and two bags of beaver nuggets. Danny chose a pulled pork sandwich. The regular version of the beaver nuggets are like a denser cheese puff. They have other flavors and I also like the sugar & cinnamon flavor. There’s coffee and soft drinks galore as well. Cookie dough, fudge – they have so many goodies here that I love going. The first time I ever saw one was a few years ago when I was traveling to Destin for business but they were having problems at the Fort Walton Beach airport so I chose to fly into New Orleans. There was a Buccee’s on I10 between New Orleans and Destin. We’ll be seeing that one again on this trip, along with at least one I know of in Texas.

And then there’s the shopping. There’s a lot of similarity between what you’ll find in Buccee’s and what you’ll find in a Cracker Barrel, only there’s way more of it in Buccee’s. They also have a lot of merchandise with Buccee the Beaver on it. I did get a bumper sticker and a magnet, but other than the food, that was it.

After we left Buccee’s. it was only about another hour to the campground. It was nice to get there early and have time to relax, instead of feeling like we had to rush dinner. Danny got to hook up his video games to the TV in the camper and play for a while. Marc played with an RC car he brought with him. I sat and just relaxed. We were meeting my daughter and son-in-law for dinner at a place we’ve eaten with them three times now.

Samurai Cuisine in Murfreesboro has been a great place to eat for us. It’s a lot of fun and the food is good! Brett’s birthday was earlier this month and Janine’s is April 7th, so we celebrated their birthdays. The table sang happy birthday to them and at the end, they brought them ice cream with a candle in it and sang with a gong. It was a nice evening.

The geocache I found today was a travel bug hotel in a rest stop off of I40. It’s pretty well done. Travel bugs are items that are trackable on the website and people take them from place to place. It’sfun to watch where they go. I have a few still active in various places around the world. Today, I didn’t have any with me and there was only one in the hotel, so I left it there. Finding the geocache was pretty easy due to the size.

Now we’re watching the Mexico vs. Japan game of the World Baseball Classic and relaxing for the night. It was a good day not having to be on the road all day. Tomorrow we’ll be doing some sight-seeing and Janine will join us.

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