Nana and Boo Take NYC: Day 4

Last day! We had breakfast, once again, at the Embassy Suites. I had my usual omelet and Boo had a variety of yogurt, fruit & pastries. We packed everything up and checked out of the room. The desk held our luggage since even though the car was in a garage attached to the hotel, it was inaccessible until we were ready to drive home.

We took the train uptown to the American Museum of Natural History. This was a bit hard to do since some of the trains operate on a different schedule on Sunday, and there was only one train stopping there. We soon arrived, though, and immediately headed to the 4th floor. Masks were required inside the museum.

Dinosaurs! And plenty of them!

I think we were both tired of being a tourist, however. I tried reading several of the signs to Boo and she wasn’t all that interested and I didn’t feel like forcing the issue.

I think she enjoyed it, but we were both pretty much done. We spent about 3 hours there, did some shopping, then headed back down to the theater district for lunch.

I made a reservation on Open Table for Margaritaville. It’s right around the corner from the theater where we were going to see Aladdin. Boo decided next time she wants to stay here since they have a pool. That might have been good to give her down time to relax In between all the sightseeing. Linch was good, and we had a great view outside our window. I had fish tacos and she had the mac & cheese. Again, when I’m traveling with kids I feel it’s better to go to places where they will like the menu or find something familiar.

Our final event was seeing Aladdin. I picked seats in the first row of the balcony, balancing cost with giving us a good view. The show was good, but she was losing focus by the intermission. I enjoyed it, although it felt like some things were just missing. The new songs (not in the film) were really good, and the actors did a great job.

After this it was back to the hotel to retrieve our luggage, then get the car and drive home. Boo slept a good part of the way, and I was tired as well. I grabbed a cold brew from a Starbucks before we left so I would stay awake.

We had a great time, and I’d happily do it again, just with a little more time to relax in between all of the sightseeing so we appreciate it more. We’ll see what happens for her birthday next year!

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