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Suddenly Two Months Are Gone

No, I haven’t been around much. January was cold. I did get out a bit but most of it was consumed by trying to plan for the 16-night Panama Canal Cruise we had planned on the Norwegian Bliss. Plus, I had to have a “Plan B” ready to go because there were so many cruises being canceled due to COVID. Well, we ended up going and I’ll write about it later. We spent most of the month of February on the ship and traveling, finally arriving home late at night on the 23rd.

I hadn’t been feeling well for some time. I thought it was a urinary tract infection. My daughter said it was probably a yeast infection and I treated with Monistat and that seemed to solve the problem in January. Then, while we were on the ship, it started acting up again. I was chugging cranberry juice (usually with Vodka) and it seemed to not be quite as bad.

Then, last Friday (Feb 25th) I just lost my appetite and didn’t want to eat. I tried to get the things done I needed to after the cruise but I wasn’t feeling up to it. There was localized pain on my lower right side. Saturday, I began googling. I’m not usually one to do that as the end result is often hypochondria. However, every result I had, the first thing that was coming up was appendicitis. I told my spouse to take me to the ER. Our ER does not allow visitors at the current time, so Saturday at about 2PM was the last time I saw any member of my family.

A few tests and yes, I was right, appendicitis. I was running a low-grade fever as well. I met with the surgeon and he said the surgery would be laproscopic and there was a chance I’d be back home that night.

5 days later sand I’m still in the hospital.

They couldn’t do the laproscopic surgery due to scar tissue in my abdomen from 3 caesarean sections, the removal of my gall bladder 30 years ago, and my partial hysterectomy 9 years ago. The appendix hadn’t burst but was perforated and I lost part of my large and small intestine as well.

My fever keeps going up and down. Usually in the afternoon it starts going up and at some point overnight or early morning it breaks. Twice I’ve ended up sweating to the point I was sitting in a chair with just my underwear on in front of a fan trying to get some relief.

Tomorrow they will do a scan and see if there are any abscesses in my abdomen that have to be drained and we’ll take it from there. I finally had my souse drop my computer off today at registration, but, honestly, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. Even reading brings little joy right now, plus I don’t retain much of it. I’m watching stupid shows on the hospital TV or just playing games on my phone for the most part. I watched some news and that’s depressing.

So if you are looking for my writing, it will be a little longer. I’m not even in the mood to read so I’m not reading posts like I usually do. I will be back, it’s just going to be a while.

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  1. Oh Patti! I’m so sorry to hear that you have had such a drastic illness! Please be assured that I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers… Rest and heal and don’t worry about reading any posts – WP will still be here when you are better!!!

  2. DEarPatti, I was wondering why your posts were not coming up in my email and I am afraid I justthought something was wrong with the system. Little did I imagine that you are not well. It all sounds very serious but I hope that you are on the road to recovery now. Looking forward to hearing from you when you are really better.
    have you tried wordl yet?
    Get well soon!