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Winter in the White Mountains

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I have been in a bit of a writing funk for the last few months. I’ve had zero inspiration to write new posts, or re-work the old posts I have from my days at the now-defunct site, Epinions. I began a November wrap-up that I never finished. I have extensive notes on a number of Babylon 5 episodes as well as some of the books I’ve read, but I haven’t even been reading as much either. It’s been sort of a malaise about many things in my life.

Winter has finally come to the White Mountains. I say “finally” because before I left for my annual trip to Florida with friends the beginning of December, we’d had a mild autumn and lead-up to winter. Just a couple of years ago we had three snowstorms before Thanksgiving. This year we had a dusting, at most. Anything that fell when I was in Florida melted by the time I arrived home. This past Sunday, though, we finally have snow on the ground that I believe will be around for a while, as well as an ice-storm yesterday and possible snow for Saturday night.

Winter is here.

I’m feeling a bit more like I want to write again, so my goal for today, after this one, is to finish that November round-up and start thinking about my December and year-end round-ups. We’ll see how long the passion to do this lasts.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is safe and having a blessed holiday season.

The town I live in, Photo by Jay Philbrick

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  1. Hey Patti! I’m glad to see you again! What strange weather we’ve been having. We have cold but no snow so far – they are predicting a light dusting for Christmas day but it will likely all melt by Sunday. I hope you can unwrap some motivation this Christmas and post again soon – I miss reading your blog. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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