2021 Road Trip Day 3: Macedonia, OH to Tinley Park, IL

Brandywine Falls, Northfield OH

Once again I set the alarm for 6AM to get on the road before many other people were. I drove towards the Starbucks down the road, only to find they didn’t open until 3PM on Sunday! Well, this was a problem.

Good fortune smiled on me at Brandywine Falls. I had been talking about this place with my friends I dined with the night before and lo and behold it was on my list! There was an earthcache here (where I had to answer a series of science-related questions to log the find) as well as a virtual one.

My goal was to get to Iowa today. I didn’t make it, but I ended up finding many geocaches in Ohio and then kind of speeding along through Indiana, only stopping at the rest areas. Still, I saw some really cool places.

Milan, Ohio was a gorgeous small town that happened to be where Thomas Edison grew up. It still looked so historic I had to snap a few pictures at the village green.

There were also a few caches in a Nature Preserve that I walked around in. It was great to stretch my legs here!

Do you know who Mildred Wirt-Benson was? She was one of the authors of the Nancy Drew books who wrote under the pseudonym “Carolyn Keene.” I visited her gravesite in Toledo.

Here I am, in 3 states at the same time! There was a great virtual cache here, but a physical cache nearby appeared to be missing.

There were some great caches I found today that challenged me a bit.

The cache on the lower left was in a cemetery on the back roads of Ohio. The cache itself was in the piece of wood attached to a corner fence post of the cemetery. Although you can’t see it, there are two pins near the bottom of the piece of wood that I had to pull out, and the cache container dropped out of the bottom. It is very clever and not immediately obvious when in the area.

The cache on the lower right was just outside of a service area in Indiana. I walked out the back of the fence to this telephone pole. On top of the white tube is a fake pine cone. When I lifted it up, the cache container was attached to it.

All in all, this was a productive day, although the next day I would start seeing some of the destinations I’d made it a point to seek out this trip.

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