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Book Review – Invasion: China by Vaughn Heppner

Set in the not-too-distant future, Invasion: China wraps up this five-book series by Vaughn Heppner. The Earth has experienced a cooling off of its climate, rendering many growing areas for food inhospitable. The United States still has the best farmland on Earth, making it a target of every other nation on the planet. A series of bad political moves have rendered the country nearly bankrupt, though. They have been attacked by China in an alliance with Mexico and other South American countries, and then by Germany once they laid claim to “free” Quebec.

Each of the books took place in the United States as they tried to hold back their enemies on the battlefield. It’s no spoiler to say this one brings the battle over to China since it’s the title. Many of the individual characters we’ve followed all through the series are still around and fighting.

Vaughn Heppner does a great job detailing the technical aspects of the weaponry being used. Although a lot of it went over my head, I was able to get a general idea of what the various weapons were supposed to accomplish. The political intrigue is good, too, both in China as they attempt to try to end this on the best note they can, and in the U.S. where an attempted coup challenges the leadership and puts the entire world in peril.

I felt like a lot was rushed in Invasion: China. Yes, it’s the end and Heppner has to wrap things up. However, earlier books in the series described battles on American soil in excruciating detail. Here, he seems to be rushing through the action, intent on wrapping everything up. That’s about the worst thing I could say about it.

When I first started reading the series, I thought it was pretty much just fiction. However, Heppner has obviously seen how Americans appear very willing to embrace fascism as long as it comes in a cloak they approve of. I wouldn’t have believed it four years ago, either. Although many of the weapons may be dreams, the political atmosphere is very real.

The characters’ stories are wrapped up, either in the story itself or in one of two epilogues Heppner added to give a glimpse at what life was like for those who survived. Many problems are left unresolved with the feeling that all of that was fought for nothing. The characters the series have been following are resolved well, though.

You do really have to read the whole series to get here. I wouldn’t recommend it on its own. If you like technological thrillers, I think this series will interest you.

Previous book in the series (link): Invasion: New York

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  1. I remember your review of another in this series (maybe NY?), so, it was interesting to read your thoughts on the final instalment! I always wonder why books and movies generally rush through the closing. It would be often far more satisfying to take the same attention to plot development as in the earlier instalments. Great review!

    • Thanks – it might have been the NY one. I covered them all. This one had the least depth of them, but it had a lot of ground to cover. I think he knew where he wanted to get with the story and had trouble getting there in a certain number of pages. It’s not bad, but it was noticeable.

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