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Corona Virus Diaries: March 16, 2020

It’s a blustery, cold day in north-central New Hampshire. I woke up this morning to the wind howling and a temperature below zero. Even right now it’s only 21°F with a “feels like” of 4°F. This is the coldest it will be this week, thankfully.

Currently there are 58 active cases of COVID in our county, with a total of 1,817 known positive cases since they began testing. The trend does seem to be going downward. My son and I both had our second Moderna vaccinations this morning. He is immunocompromised so qualified based on that. The nurse today told us they aren’t sure how his immune system will respond to the vaccine, because of the medications he needs. For him, it’s a leap of faith.

I started writing this last night, and got hit with the same side-effects from my second dose of Moderna as I did the first. I became very tired and light-headed. It was such a cold day, I don’t know how much of how I felt had to do with the vaccine. I went to bed and was freezing, which is unusual for me. Just after midnight, I woke up feeling like I was roasting and had a headache. I couldn’t find my new thermometer so I took some Advil and laid back down but couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up again to have some water and took my temperature then, and it was showing normal. This morning it seems to be normal as well.

This is the coldest it will be for the foreseeable future. The weather is warming up and I’ve been out geocaching again. It feels good to get outside. There’s still too much snow for me to do any serious hiking, but just driving around the back roads of New Hampshire and Maine is a pleasure. I have a streak of consecutive days going with my geocache finds, which is something I’ve never tried to do, but luckily some people added a bunch of easy caches for me to work with and fill in the days I don’t get out for more than one. No spectacular scenery this past week on my adventures, but I am looking forward to driving to Kansas the end of next month and have a lot of photos from that adventure.

Marvin Hagler passed away over the weekend. He was pretty well-known up in this area where people enjoyed meeting him but also gave him some privacy. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but he was a celebrity in our midst who was able to stay fairly anonymous. His wife has categorically stated he did not die after taking the COVID vaccination, despite what some less than reputable websites are publishing. Just because it’s on the internet, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

I’m still struggling with the reviews of some of the original Star Trek series. I mean, I grew up watching those over and over again and I loved them. I try to think back and see the episodes from that perspective but it’s hard to change my perspective back to that kid who loved science fiction without any of the intervening years. I can grasp why things were done the way they were back then, but that doesn’t mean all of it was a good idea and sometimes it’s hard to convey both sides of that. I’ll get through it, though. I’m almost to the third season, so I’m in the home-stretch.

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  1. Good to know – I am getting my 2nd Moderna next week and I’m a little worried that it might hit me hard… I’ve got commitments that mean I can’t just curl up and feel rotten… On the bright side I’ve been geocaching too! this weekend I hope to finish the solar system wonders. We were so disappointed that Geowoodstock has been cancelled again and won’t take place until 2022! We got snow yesterday but I’m hoping it warms up this week!