Corona Virus Diaries: February 15, 2021

Well, here we are. It’s more than a year since things went to hell in a handbasket. I was advocating for my son to be in the 1A group. He is immunocompromised due to getting infusions of Remicaide for his Crohns Disease. Being home for as long as he was last year was tough on him.

I was very surprised last week when I got the call from the vaccination center to hear that it was ME they were calling for. I guess I’m more messed up than I realize. I asked about Danny and he was on the list, too, so they scheduled the both of us for 8AM this morning.

I was awake early and took my morning meds. Last week my doctor changed up some of my medication. I’m considered “pre-diabetes” and I’ve gained weight over the last year, so my doctor put me on victoza which is supposed to help my blood sugar and help me lose weight. I gave myself that shot this morning as well before we left for the vaccination.

In North Conway, the vaccination clinic is at the former Weather Discovery Center, which was a casualty to the pandemic and now closed. There were a number of cars waiting outside for the place to open at 8AM. My son and I were the third people in line with it just 15° outside. We were registered, had our temperature taken, and given consent forms to sign.

We were taken together to get the vaccinations, where we were asked a whole other series of questions. Once that was done, we each received our first dose of the Moderna vaccine. They kept us sitting in the center for 15 minutes to watch for any reactions. When there was none, we picked up our cards with our appointments already made for a month from now and received a sticker.

So far it’s been about 2 hours and we both seem fine. I told my son to make sure he has March 15th off. I’ve heard the second dose is the one that packs a wallop.

I told Danny that I finally felt like I could breathe a sigh of relief. I was worried about him but I tried not to let him know. He said he knew I was worried. We went for some specialty hot drinks in town before coming home.

As far as our numbers go, we currently sit at 1604 total positive cases of COVID with just 6 deaths. Somehow, we managed to make it through the pandemic without a huge percentage of deaths. Coos County just north of us has 1225 total cases with 33 deaths. They seemed to have a bigger problem at the nursing homes than our county did. Currently we have just 65 active cases of COVID in the county, but this is a big vacation week with people up here from all over New England. I’ve even seen a large number of New York license plates. We’ll see what the numbers look like in two weeks. Hopefully, with vaccines moving along it won’t be too bad.

Meanwhile, stay safe and wear your mask.

UPDATE: About 4 hours after the vaccination, I started feeling a little light-headed. So far, that’s the only side-effect

UPDATE NEXT DAY: Had some chills last night an a headache this morning along with the lightheadedness. My son is taking an extra day off of work.

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  1. Must be such a relief for you both to have started the vaccination process. My husband has had the first one, and i could have done, but as I signed up to a trial last year, for Novavax they have asked me to wait and finish the trial. they promise that if I have not already been vaccinated then I will be by the end of April – so I will be done at more or less the same time as my husband. we are older than you – my husband is 68 today, So we just come under the age category!

    • I tried to sign up for a clinical trial a while back but they wouldn’t accept me because our area wasn’t populated enough. I really wasn’t expecting to qualify now. My daughter works in the schools and hasn’t gotten hers yet. Just glad my son has it. I was really worried about him contracting COVID

      Good luck!

  2. Are the schools open? Two of my children are teachers but they have to work from home, online. they havent had the vaccine yet. i think they should, sooner rather than later. Though they have both had Covid already, unfortunately.

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