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When Life Hands You Snow, Make Snow Ice Cream!

I used to do this more often when our kids were younger and we had first moved up here. My granddaughter is finally at an age where she now appreciates the novelty of Snow Ice Cream!

It’s pretty simple to make and such a treat on a snowy day.

I use a metal bowl and put it out at least a few hours before I want to make Snow Ice Cream. This makes the bowl nice and cold, sort of in the same idea of a metal container in an ice bath like the old churns used to be. In this case, I put it out the night before and put some snow in it because we weren’t expecting a lot of snow today. Well, some of the snow melted in the bowl and refroze, giving me ice in the bottom. That ended up being okay, though.

There’s just four ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and snow!

I mixed one cup of sweetened condensed milk, 1/3 cup of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a pyrex bowl. I like to use a bowl with a pour spout.

I then brought in the bowl of snow. It’s supposed to be about four cups. I think I had a little more, but that was fine in the end. I poured all of the other mixture over the snow and began to stir.

I stirred it and stirred it. The snow and the mixture became fine and crumbly, then more of a consistency like a thick soft-serve ice cream. This is what you’re looking for. The little bit of ice in the bottom of the bowl helped keep the mixture from melting too fast.

We dished it out and sprinkled some sprinkles on top. Needless to say, it was all gone in 15 minutes! The one suggestion my granddaughter had for next time was more vanilla, so we’ll try two teaspoons.

I’m so glad to pass on this fun snowy day treat!

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