Where Am I Once Again?

(c) Patti Aliventi 2021

No, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the Earth. I also do not have COVID, nor have I taken part in the insurrection against our government.

Three days ago was my 55th birthday. My family has never been big on birthday celebrations. I decided this year I was going to have a big-time birthday celebration. The plan was New Year’s Eve in St. Augustine, my actual birthday at Disney World, a few days in Destin, a few days in New Orleans, and a cruise to Mexico for tequila tours.

Well, COVID changed all that. My spouse and son still wanted to go to Disney World after the year we’ve had. After spending a week there with friends in December I felt pretty good about the “Disney bubble” so here we are. We’re here until the 15th, then a couple of days in Destin, and then back home.

I had a great birthday with friends who live down here, and I took a lot of pictures to write about when I get home. I just haven’t been writing as much right now. I’ll be back soon, though.

Published by Patti Aliventi

Once upon a time there was this website called Epinions. I wrote thousands of reviews there. I love books, movies, and television; mostly science fiction. I'm a gun-totin', meat-eatin' liberal with libertarian leanings who will voice my opinion.

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