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Favorite Travel Photos: Palomino Island, Puerto Rico

(c) 2017 Patti Aliventi

Back in February of 2017 I was still on medical leave from my job at a Hilton Brand hotel. The best perk of that job was employee rates at all Hilton properties. My daughter, Janine, and I were taking a cruise with friends out of San Juan. Since you can never know what the weather will be like in New England at that time of year, we flew out a few days early and I booked us a room at the El Conquistador Resort at the employee rate.

We had a magnificent couple of days there, topped off with taking their ferry out to Palomino Island, their private island. It was stunning and beautiful as well as being a very relaxing day. My daughter is pictured above in the water at the beautiful spot we sat that day.

Unfortunately, El Conquistador Resort was pretty much ground zero for Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico in 2017. The resort is scheduled to reopen in February 2021. They are saying all of their amenities, including Palomino Island, will be open when they re-open.

I highly recommend a visit if you get the chance!