Season Seven - DS9

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Season Seven on DVD (Original Release)

Fans knew when this season began that the series was winding down. There were so many unresolved issues by the end of the sixth season that needed to be resolved, or at least dealt with, during the seventh season that the writers had their work cut out for them. Especially as this final season drew to a close, the episodes and stories seemed to run together and become much more serialized rather than standing on their own.

Not of least concern at the beginning of the season was the character of Jadzia Dax, killed off at the end of the previous season. Jadzia’s species is known as a Trill. Their bodies actually house a second life-form which resides in it in a symbiotic relationship. As the season opens, three months after the events at the end of the previous season, fans were introduced to Ezri Dax. Ezri is now carrying the Dax symbiant inside of her. This is a crucial point for all as Ezri has her own personality while at the same time having many of the same memories and feelings that Jadzia and other hosts possessed,

There are new problems with the Romulans at the beginning of the season as well. Kira Nerys, the Bajoran left in charge of the space station Deep Space Nine, must deal with it in Sisko’s absence.

Much of the season, however, focuses on Captain Sisko and the questions surrounding his destiny at the hands of the Bajoran Prophets. Sisko learns of a mystery surrounding his mother – his birthmother, not the woman who raised him. His personal life comes full circle as he finally proposes to Kasidy Yates

The Changeling Odo must resolve the questions about where he belongs. Is it with those like him, who are also suffering from a mysterious affliction that seems to be “killing” them, or among those on the space station he has grown to care about?

In Shadows and Symbols, Worf secures a place at Sto-vo-kor for his late wife Jadzia. As the season wears on, he must deal with the presence of Ezri, and manage to figure out his place in the universe. The episode Once More Unto the Breach finds the Klingon war-hero, Kor, coming to Worf for help securing an appointment on a Klingon ship. This episode is particularly touching as John Colicos, who portrays Kor, died just about a year later.

In Chrysalis, Doctor Bashir must once again face questions about his genetic superiority as he helps a woman like him try to rise above her genetically-altered state. He is also once again solicited by the mysterious Section 31 in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges and must infiltrate them in return in Extreme Measures. The mirror universe is visited once again in The Emperor’s New Cloak.

There are a tremendous amount of space-battles this season as well as grim war stories, something not depicted before in the Star Trek universe. There are casualties as Nog, the first Ferengi ever in Starfleet, must face the loss of his leg during a battle in the episode The Siege of AR-558. The Dominions and the Breen (who appear uncannily similar to Princess Leia’s masquerade as a bounty hunter in Return of the Jedi) enter into an apparent alliance while it becomes less apparent exactly who’s side the Cardassians really are on.

There are fun episodes, such as when the crew of Deep Space Nine challenges a visiting Vulcan crew to a baseball game in the episode Take Me Out to the Holosuite. The crew of the space station must protect the holo-suite character Vic Fontaine’s 1960’s Las Vegas Casino from a hostile takeover in Badda-Bing Badda-Bang.

Disc One contains the episodes Image in the Sand, Shadows and Symbols, Afterimage, and Take Me Out to the Holosuite.

Disc Two contains the episodes Chrysalis, Treachery, Faith, and the Great River, Once More Unto the Breach, and The Siege of AR-558.

Disc Three contains the episodes Covenant, It’s Only a Paper Moon, Prodigal Daughter, and The Emperor’s New Cloak.

Disc Four contains the episodes Field of Fire, Chimera, Badda-Bing Badda-Bang, and Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.

Disc Five contains the episodes Penumbra, ’Til Death Do Us Part, Strange Bedfellows, and The Changing Face of Evile.

Disc Six contains the episodes When it Rains…, Tacking Into the Wind, Extreme Measures, and The Dogs of War.

Disc Seven contains the episode What You Leave Behind and the Special Feautres.


One thing the makers of the disc finally seemed to figure out was to cut down on the advertising at the end of each feature. There’s only a short push for DVDs and videos which pertain to Deep Space Nine itself.

Ending an Era – Interviews with various cast members about wrapping up the series; where they wanted to go with the characters. It was hard with the large number of characters to wrap things up as they wanted to in the short period of time. There were also the effects to contend with. There were some of the biggest space-battle scenes ever on television until this point during this season.

Crew Dossier: Benjamin Sisko – Interview with Avery Brooks about how he came to the role, what appealed to him, and how he developed the character in his own mind. Interviews with various members of the cast and crew about the character.

Crew Dossier: Jake Sisko – Interview with Cirroc Lofton about his run as Jake Sisko and with the cast and crew about the development of the character.

The Last Goodbyes – The cast and crew talk about filming the final show and the series in general.

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Section 31 Hidden Files – tidbits on various episodes, characters, funny moments.

This is my favorite of the Star Trek series’ and owning the DVDs is a must for me. If you’ve bought the DVDs in the collection, there’s no reason to stop – in fact, you should finish out your collection with this one. It’s not the place to start, however, as the story arc is a continuation of events set place in previous seasons. Do yourself a favor and start at the beginning.