Vacation Memories 2018: Venice – Part 2 – Doge’s Palace & Food

Part two of our tour after we’d finished at St. Mark’s Basilica was the Doge’s Palace. The good thing was that was right next door. The Doge was the supreme power in Venice and he lived and worked out of this Palace.

The building itself is gorgeous, with parts dating back to 1340. Inside, the walls and ceilings are covered with artwork. Some rooms even have furniture. Our guide gave us headsets so we could hear him throughout the tour talking about the different pieces of artwork as well as some of the history of the various rooms.

I even took a picture looking out from the Bridge of Sighs as we crossed between the Doge’s Palace and the Prigioni Nuove

After this, we went to lunch. We found a place off of St. Mark’s Square that wasn’t to crowded.

We did some shopping. I hadn’t bought many souvenirs other than mugs and refrigerator magnets. The Limoncello from Pompeii was a big indulgence. Here, in Venice, I bought a second indulgence. I was too afraid to try to bring home any of the expensive Murano glass. I did find a mask I couldn’t resist.

This now hangs in my bedroom as a reminder of the trip

I also found the best gelato of the trip.

This place on the left with the yellow tablecloths? Best gelato I had anywhere.

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