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Corona Virus Diaries: August 2, 2020

First, the pup. The good news is we’ve definitely turned a corner and she’s getting better. She’s been acting more like her old self. Her paws aren’t bleeding and seem to be healing. She still wants to go and lay on the bed with me. The last couple of days she looked to go in there in the afternoon, so I went and laid down with her and read while she slept. She won’t stay in there by herself. She’s also taken it over at night. There’s only one night she slept out in the living room. Last night she woke me up with lots of snuggles and kisses at 3:30 in the morning when she had to go potty. Now it’s just seeing what happens with her issues now that we’ve taken her off the apoquel.

Our little corner of New England now has 89 total cases of Corona. That’s up from 49 at the end of June. I know that’s a small amount compared to so many other areas, but our population was much smaller. We are inundated with tourists from out of state and that seems to have had an effect. My son is still at home and will be home at least through Labor Day. After that, we will see what it looks like. I’m very concerned that 18,000 people expected at the NASCAR race not far from here this weekend, plus all of the drivers, crews, and media, will also make our numbers jump.

Today isn’t such a nice day. The humidity is insane for up here. I was dripping sweat in the supermarket earlier with my mask on, despite the temperature only being around 80. There’s rain all around us, but this year we seem to have a lot of storms go around us. We’re watching Isaias too. He should visit here Tuesday-Thursday. It’s not the wind we have to be worried about, but the amount of rain that falls. Back in 2011 the remnants of Hurricane Irene came through here and dumped so much water on the area. They were rescuing people near the river in boats who couldn’t get out of their homes fast enough. Three of the four major ways in and out of town were cut off from the outside. Some of those routes were down for months due to bridge washouts.

I was working as the night auditor at the hotel at the time and I was nervously watching water running off the road and pooling in front of our entrance and slowly rising. The phones were out, so I couldn’t reach anyone. It worked out okay, but not one of the managers tried to call throughout the night and when they couldn’t get through, didn’t bother to come and check what was going on. That was the responsibility of being the only employee in the hotel most nights. I’ll write more about the (lack of) management at the hotel another time. Suffice it to say, all they really cared about was not having to be there or do it themselves.

I’m watching my Mets. This series in Atlanta has been a disaster and now Yoenis Céspedes is missing. The television announcers said management wasn’t worried about his safety, so that was one concern I had that was allayed. It seems he just did a no call/no show for the game today. The bullpen is falling apart regularly and other than Jacob deGrom, they don’t seem to have reliable starting pitching either. Yesterday they were up 8-2 at one point and ended up losing it 11-10.

We cancelled our trip to Assateague just after Labor Day. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take Sansa there when she’ll be walking on hot sand when we just had her bleeding between her toes on her paws. There’s also the question of my daughter having to stay home from work because someone in her house went outside of New England. We have another camping trip planned for northern Maine the end of September, so we’ll still get a good trial for the pop-up. Maybe next year we can go to Assateague. I’m toying with the idea of a camping trip across the southwest over the winter too. We’ll see what happens. These are crazy times.

Stay well.

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  1. We were in some Colorado mountain towns this weekend. Lots of cars from Texas. For the most part everyone was wearing their mask. The only time I did not see some people wearing masks were two morons (women) in the bathroom. We made a quick pit stop in a small town at a visitor’s info center. When I went in the bathroom two women without masks even though it’s plastered everywhere that Colorado has a mask mandate. I saw them in the parking lot – from Nebraska.

    • When I went to Petsmart the other day the staff (in masks) were waiting on a family of four without masks. I was disappointed. They have the sign on the door as you enter. I understand that sometimes staff is put between a rock and a hard place with enforcement with some of these people going crazy.

      • I was very happy when I was in the Leadville Safeway (small town) and the clerk told the man behind me to put on a mask. The man grumbled but did so.

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