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Move review – The Right Temptation

Written by Larry Brand
Directed by Lyndon Chubbock

There was a sweet surprise waiting for me in this film. I found myself glued to my seat, knowing that there was more going on than was being revealed, but not quite sure of what twists the plot would take next.

Rebecca DeMornay portrays Derian, a former cop turned private detective. She is hired by Anthea (portrayed by Dana Delaney) to follow her wealthy & workaholic husband Michael (Sutherland) who she believes is having an affair.

We learn through flashbacks that Derian left the force after becoming a bit too close to one of the suspects in an undercover sting and then watched him get shot. When she reports back to Anthea that Michael is not having an affair, Anthea then wants Derian to tempt Michael and see if he would – if The Right Temptation was placed in front of him.

I have trouble believing that the character of Derian would be as stupid as she is, not once but twice. If she really was as good of a cop as her friend on the squad, Falco tries to paint her, she wouldn’t have gotten involved with the suspect the first time. She also, as a quality private detective, would not have gotten involved with her client’s husband.

All that aside, this is a decent suspenseful film. There are plot twists galore once Derian falls for Michael. Neither he nor his wife are what they seem, and I really wasn’t sure until almost the end exactly what was going on. Is he a husband who is the victim of an overly-jealous wife? Is she being betrayed and emotionally beaten down by a control-freak husband? Is Anthea the one having an affair and wants out of her marriage?

The actors do a superb job with what has been thrown at them here, rising above the unbelievable plot points. I found this to be one of DeMornay’s better performances, even if I had problems with the character. Dana Delaney portrays Anthea perfectly cold-hearted and calculating. Sutherland’s portrayal of Michael is great because he keeps us guessing, never giving away through his body language or expressions what’s really going on.

I don’t want to write too much of the plot since I want the surprises to remain should you decide to rent it. The movie is rated R for violence, sexuality and language. While I didn’t find the violence to be all that bad, the sexual situations were pretty intense.

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