New Hampshire Rail Trails: Hiking & Geocaching on the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail

The Ammonoosuc Rail Trail is in northern New Hampshire, running 19 miles from Littleton to Woodsville. It is a very popular ATV trail. Its uses also include walking, running, bicycling, horseback riding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snow-shoeing. The entire length of the trail has been populated with geocaches, too. There’s close to 90 along the trail.

For that reason, we chose that for our weekly hike. I’d looked at the geocaches and the containers were mostly small lock & lock containers rather than just pill bottles or bison tubes. This meant they could have small treasures in them as well as being easier for a 4 year-old to find.

We got a bit of a late start as we parked at the trailhead in Littleton and started walking west along the trail. It’s very smooth trail with lots of sand and dirt. I’d still recommend a mountain bike for it, though.

Coming from Littleton, the trail goes under Interstate 93. There’s a gate there to prevent oversized vehicles from using the trail. The official parking for the trailhead is back on Industrial Park Road.

Past here the trail reaches the Ammonoosuc River and follows it for some distance. This area, with Littleton across the river, isn’t very scenic

We walked a total of about 4 miles down the trail and back to my Wrangler. We encountered one pair of bicycles (above) and many, many ATVs, even mid-week in May. It’s very popular among ATV users and for that reason you have to exercise caution, especially with young children. I taught my granddaughter to move to the right and stop whenever ATVs were passing.

We found all 9 caches we looked for on this section of the trail before turning back. It was as I expected and they were a good size and pretty easy to find. We’ll be back next week to take on the next section. I’m hoping once we get away from Littleton, it’s a bit more scenic. Wasn’t a bad day, by any means, but wasn’t as nice as some other rail trails I’d been on.

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    • Ours too. When the kid were in school we used to go to Florida on our April vacation which was one of the last two weeks of April. Usually we’d come back and the leaves would be out. Very late this year. They’re coming out this weekend.