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Corona Virus Diaries – April 10, 2020

Yes, that’s snow in my backyard. About three inches of heavy, wet snow fell late yesterday. It’s more annoying than anything, although one of our small birch trees fell across the driveway. It didn’t hit anything, luckily.

Our county bounced up to 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19. That’s four more than it was at the beginning of the week. Still, when I look at places like the metropolitan NYC area, I can’t complain. My son has Crohn’s disease and receives infusions of remicaide to keep it in remission. I know he’s immunocompromised, but he usually fends off any colds or viruses better than the rest of us do in the house, so I wasn’t too worried that he still wanted to go to work. He works the drive-thru at McDonald’s, usually handing people their order and not taking money. We’d had a conversation about using hand sanitizer frequently, especially if someone handed something back to him for any reason. Yesterday he had a virtual doctor’s appointment with his specialist. She advised him to stay home. I could see his whole body sink with disappointment. He just loves that job. She told him flat out that if he got the virus it could kill him because of the remicaide suppressing his immune system. Even though I’m his legal guardian (he’s on the autism spectrum) I really wanted this to be his decision. We gave him overnight to think about it, but last night I called him upstairs and told him that if he decided to continue working, I was watching the number of infected people in the county and if it bounced up, I would tell him he was staying home from now on. When he woke up this morning he’d decided to stay home from work.

I know everyone is saying “Yay, good decision.” My thought, though, is the virus isn’t going anywhere. This isn’t a case of all of us staying home and it will go away like magic (despite what Orange Caligula says). Sooner or later we’re all likely going to have contact with it. Are we just putting off the inevitable? Who knows? None of us have a crystal ball. I lost one child already and losing another would kill me, and I do mean that literally, but I am at peace with the fact that I have no control over this and will accept whatever happens in the long run. I’m not afraid of dying.

Since we had a rainy/snowy day yesterday we did indoor activities. My granddaughter and I colored Easter eggs. She played Go Fish with her Poppy. I made beef stroganoff for dinner, using a new recipe for the Instant Pot. I wasn’t too thrilled with it. I think the sauce was too thin and there ended up being too much of the sauce compared to the beef and mushrooms. It wasn’t bad, though.

Now I have to worry about keeping Danny occupied as well. I don’t want him to just hang out in the basement playing video games and I have to watch for depression. I told him he can help keep Boo busy the next few weeks. We’re trying to figure out other things for her to do away from the television. I have Highlights books for her age level that just came in too. We’ll make it through, but every day is a challenge.

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