Thoughts for October 13, 2020

I haven’t been online that much the last 5 days. I was on my first-ever business trip. I work from home for a small vacation rental company in Florida. I handle all their tech work and rates, setting up and maintaining the property management system, as well as handling reservation inquiries and things like that.Continue reading “Thoughts for October 13, 2020”

Thoughts for October 3, 2020

It’s going to be a cool night tonight. I can feel it already. It’s just after 6PM and already it’s down to 52°F. No frost advisory, but still going to be chilly. There’s som scattered showers around the area too. It’s enough to give us some relief from the fire threat, but the drought isContinue reading “Thoughts for October 3, 2020”

Corona Virus Diaries: October 1, 2020

It’s been feeling like fall around here for a while now. We had a bit of an Indian Summer the end of last week and the beginning of this one, but we’re definitely in fall. The trees are changing colors rapidly. Due to the drought we’ve had up this way, they seem to be goingContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: October 1, 2020”

What I Would Say

I’m not trying to minimize your pain. It’s there and it’s very real if you’ve gotten to this point. I’ve been there myself – many times over the years. It hurts, a lot. What stopped me, usually, was hope. I had some hope of things getting better. And they did, for a while, anyway. That’sContinue reading “What I Would Say”

Hotel Stories: The Cop and the Teacher

I was reminded of this story today, when I got a request in our short term rental business for someone who wanted us to slash our rate for that week in half for him. He thought saying “I’m a teacher and I’ll take good care of your house” would mean something. To begin with, IContinue reading “Hotel Stories: The Cop and the Teacher”

Tom Seaver 1944-2020

Our heroes are slowly dying. I guess I’m at that age where that’s starting to happen. There have been a few deaths over the years that have left me stunned; people who have left us “before their time.” Now it’s time to acknowledge that I’m going to be seeing a lot of my heroes departingContinue reading “Tom Seaver 1944-2020”

Corona Virus Diaries: August 23, 2020

We are right now sitting at 99 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our county. I was going to write when it hit 100, but that will probably be tomorrow. Since the end of June, we’ve been seeing about one confirmed new case per day. Not terrible, especially for what I was expecting once the crowdsContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: August 23, 2020”

Corona Virus Diaries: August 2, 2020

First, the pup. The good news is we’ve definitely turned a corner and she’s getting better. She’s been acting more like her old self. Her paws aren’t bleeding and seem to be healing. She still wants to go and lay on the bed with me. The last couple of days she looked to go inContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: August 2, 2020”