Where Am I Once Again?

No, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the Earth. I also do not have COVID, nor have I taken part in the insurrection against our government. Three days ago was my 55th birthday. My family has never been big on birthday celebrations. I decided this year I was going to have a big-time birthdayContinue reading “Where Am I Once Again?”

Corona Virus Diaries – December 12, 2020

Our corner of the world has exploded with COVID cases since I last checked in. We have surged to 573 total cases since testing began. We are still at 2 deaths in this county. Our county has 153 active cases at the present time. One of the deaths in a nearby county hit home. MyContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – December 12, 2020”

Where Have I Been?

I didn’t fall off of the face of the earth or get COVID. Way back in the early days of the internet, there used to be usenet newsgroups that people looked to for discussion on topics. One of those was rec.arts.disney.parks (or RADP). Back in 1996, people who participated in the group met for theContinue reading “Where Have I Been?”

Corona Virus Diaries: November 29, 2020

New Hampshire is feeling it. We now have 327 total cases in my county, with 90 active cases. There are only 8 ICU beds in my county, so if a lot of people need hospitalization, it would be an issue. My Dad was in the hospital one time when they were pretty full all aroundContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: November 29, 2020”

Corona Virus Diaries: November 25, 2020

Just since my last missive on the 20th, my county jumped from 260 confirmed COVID cases to 317. For the more populous areas, that might sound like a lot, but we were at the end of the summer before we even had 100. We’re definitely seeing a surge here. My granddaughter, my son, and IContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: November 25, 2020”

Corona Virus Diaries: November 20, 2020

I’d like to tell you what the current active cases are in my county. Unfortunately, the idea as of late seems to be to keep changing the information people have access to. I can tell you right now we show 260 total cases which seems to be a little stable since I last posted onContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: November 20, 2020”

Corona Virus Diaries – November 11, 2020: Here Comes the Outbreak

Living in northern New Hampshire, we’ve dodged the bullet for the most part with the COVID pandemic. Even as cases in other nearby states were exploding, the county I live in and the county north of us had very low numbers. The last time I seriously looked at the number, on Halloween, we had 156Continue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – November 11, 2020: Here Comes the Outbreak”

Corona Virus Diaries: October 31, 2020 – Happy Halloween

Boo! Life’s scary enough this year, did we really need Halloween? My grand-daughter did our local “trunk or treat” and that made her happy. In rural areas, instead of trick or treating to houses, people gather at the school or the fairgrounds with their card and decorate the trunks, then the kids walk around andContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: October 31, 2020 – Happy Halloween”

Franconia Notch, NH Landslide – October 24 1959

From October 23-26 of 1959 there was a period of unusually heavy rain over New Hampshire. During this time, Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire recorded almost 9 inches in one day. Reservoirs topped out 150% above average. The discharge numbers for various streams and rivers exceeded what was expected of a 100-year flood. On October 24,Continue reading “Franconia Notch, NH Landslide – October 24 1959”

Corona Virus Diaries – October 27, 2020

It’s early morning here in New Hampshire. The weather has been pretty crappy for a few days. Don’t get me wrong – we need the rain. It’s been colder than it has been, too, and that gives it a raw feeling. They’re even calling for a possibility of some snow Friday morning. I usually don’tContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – October 27, 2020”