Corona Virus Diaries – November 11, 2020: Here Comes the Outbreak

Living in northern New Hampshire, we’ve dodged the bullet for the most part with the COVID pandemic. Even as cases in other nearby states were exploding, the county I live in and the county north of us had very low numbers. The last time I seriously looked at the number, on Halloween, we had 156Continue reading “Corona Virus Diaries – November 11, 2020: Here Comes the Outbreak”

Black Lives Matter Protest in North Conway

I was so very proud of the town I live in yesterday. New Hampshire is not a state known for its diversity. In the 2010 census we were 94% white. The few African-Americans who live in our town tend to stand out. Yesterday there was a protest in town for Black Lives Matter. I’ve satContinue reading “Black Lives Matter Protest in North Conway”