Movie Review: The Natural – Every Man Has a Weakness

Written by Roger Towne, Phil Dusenberry, and Bernard MalamudDirected by Barry Levinson Ah yes, it’s that time of year when hope springs eternal: spring training. What better way to get myself motivated for the next season of baseball than to take in a flick that’s always been one of my favorites: The Natural. There areContinue reading “Movie Review: The Natural – Every Man Has a Weakness”

Air Force One: Harrison Ford for President!

Written by Andrew W. MarloweDirected by Wolfgang Petersen (Originally written in 2002) Is the era of the Hollywood blockbuster action over? I think that’s a question everyone is asking right now, and the answer isn’t coming any time soon. Before September 11, 2001, movies like Independence Day were considered family fare. Now they come withContinue reading “Air Force One: Harrison Ford for President!”