Sharpe’s Battle – Got A Scorecard for Who’s Mad at Who?

Written by Bernard Cornwell and Russell LewisDirected by Tom Clegg September 1813 – Wellington is chasing Napoleon back through the Pyrenees into France. A final victory seems close at hand, but the French are fighting a fierce rear-guard action and each yard of ground gained is paid for in British blood… Major Sharpe (Sean Bean)Continue reading “Sharpe’s Battle – Got A Scorecard for Who’s Mad at Who?”

Horatio Hornblower – The New Adventures – Loyalty/Duty

The A&E Network, in conjunction with British television, has apparently hit the jackpot with the Horatio Hornblower continuing series, or we wouldn’t be seeing the series continuing to this, it’s seventh and eighth films. The war is over and an uneasy peace has been declared between France and England. After about a year on half-pay,Continue reading “Horatio Hornblower – The New Adventures – Loyalty/Duty”