Horatio Hornblower – The New Adventures – Loyalty/Duty

The A&E Network, in conjunction with British television, has apparently hit the jackpot with the Horatio Hornblower continuing series, or we wouldn’t be seeing the series continuing to this, it’s seventh and eighth films. The war is over and an uneasy peace has been declared between France and England. After about a year on half-pay,Continue reading “Horatio Hornblower – The New Adventures – Loyalty/Duty”

Horatio Hornblower – The Wrong War

Written by C.S. Forester and Chris OuldDirected by Andrew Grieve The title of this piece stems from a poorly conceived expedition into France in which British troops aid Royalists in an attempt to put a fast end to the war with the French Republicans. It’s also known in some circles as The Frogs and theContinue reading “Horatio Hornblower – The Wrong War”

Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil

Written by C.S. Forester and Patrick HarbinsonDirected by Andrew Grieve Although, in my opinion, this story is the weakest in the series of Horatio Hornblower tele-films produced for British television and the A&E network, it’s still very enjoyable. If for nothing else, Ioan Gruffudd, who portrays Hornblower, is very easy on the eyes and looksContinue reading “Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil”

Horatio Hornblower The Duel: This Is Not A Commercial For The British Navy

Written by C.S. Forester and Russell LewisDirected by Andrew Grieve Horatio Hornblower: The Duel is the first of a series of four specials that were aired on the A & E Network last year. A four-hour two-part sequel was aired about a month ago, and there are plans to continue the stories. These stories areContinue reading “Horatio Hornblower The Duel: This Is Not A Commercial For The British Navy”