Corona Virus Diaries: January 27, 2021

It’s the coldest part of the winter for us here in the White Mountains. In years past, we’ve seen negative temperatures quite frequently this time of year. That’s not happening so much this year. It seems to be a pretty mild winter. We haven’t had a lot of snow, either, although right now I amContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: January 27, 2021”

Overactive Bladder? Try Botox!

Yes, this may be too much information for some people, but for women who are suffering with overactive bladder, there is a solution that so far has been like a miracle for me. If you’re not comfortable discussing body functions, read no further. Back in 2012 I had a partial hysterectomy. Great, I thought, noContinue reading “Overactive Bladder? Try Botox!”