Babylon 5 – The Complete Fourth Season: No Surrender, No Retreat

Babylon 5 was an amazing series from start to finish. Set approximately 250 years in the future on a space station five miles long, it carried a five-year long story-arc which stayed almost entirely true to how it was first laid out. Creator J. Michael Straczynski made few adjustments to the overall story, and mostContinue reading “Babylon 5 – The Complete Fourth Season: No Surrender, No Retreat”

Corona Virus Diaries: January 27, 2021

It’s the coldest part of the winter for us here in the White Mountains. In years past, we’ve seen negative temperatures quite frequently this time of year. That’s not happening so much this year. It seems to be a pretty mild winter. We haven’t had a lot of snow, either, although right now I amContinue reading “Corona Virus Diaries: January 27, 2021”

Babylon 5 Season Three on DVD – One Word, WOW!

If anyone thinks that Aaron Sorkin was the first creator of a series (The West Wing) to write every episode each season, they are wrong. J. Michael Straczynski was the first to do it, in the third season of Babylon 5. For anyone who doesn’t know, Babylon 5 is set in the future and inContinue reading “Babylon 5 Season Three on DVD – One Word, WOW!”

Babylon 5: The Coming of Shadows – The Complete Second Season on DVD

Imagine having five seasons to tell a story instead of just an hour. That is the basic premise of Babylon 5: a five year telling of a story. Each season marks one year of “Earth Time”. Each season’s opener is set some time around the beginning of January and the season-ending episode is usually setContinue reading “Babylon 5: The Coming of Shadows – The Complete Second Season on DVD”

Babylon 5: The Complete First Season on DVD

The science-fiction series Babylon 5 aired for five seasons in syndication. More than any other series before it, Babylon 5 consisted of an ongoing story arc – a serial-type show. For this reason, if you miss seeing the shows in order, you do miss out on a lot of the story. I know that becauseContinue reading “Babylon 5: The Complete First Season on DVD”