Life, Death, Murder, Intrigue and The Mets! – A Review of the Movie Frequency

Written by Toby EmmerichDirected by Gregory Hoblit I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life. When they won the World Series in 1986, the company I was working for at the time treated it like a holiday for me, that’s how big Mets fan I am. So it should come as no surprise that IContinue reading “Life, Death, Murder, Intrigue and The Mets! – A Review of the Movie Frequency”

Ground Control: The Cast Deserved Better

Written by Talaat Captan, Robert Moreland, and Mark ShepperdDirected by Richard Howard I worked for nine years in air freight at Kennedy Airport. During that time, I heard a lot of stories about a lot of things. Which is why, when I picked up the latest Kiefer Sutherland flick when it was at Blockbuster, IContinue reading “Ground Control: The Cast Deserved Better”

Almost Famous is Absolutely Fabulous

Written by Cameron CroweDirected by Cameron Crowe I missed out on the grand old days of rock & roll. As I started developing an interest in my own music, disco was king. I soon got past that and found the early 80’s new wave and punk, along with true rock music from before the discoContinue reading “Almost Famous is Absolutely Fabulous”

Disneynature’s Elephant – Meghan Markle Narrates Elephant Migration

For many of us, our understanding of African animals begins and ends at the zoo, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Some are lucky to have seen them in their natural habitat, but by and far most of our knowledge is limited to the signboards at the zoo. Disneynature’s Elephant tracks a family of elephants as theyContinue reading “Disneynature’s Elephant – Meghan Markle Narrates Elephant Migration”

Shades of Gray: A Review of A Bronx Tale

Written by Chazz PalminteriDirected by Robert DeNiro The first time I saw the movie A Bronx Tale was after hearing an interview on the radio with Chazz Palminteri. I had never heard of him before, but hearing him discuss this movie, and the characters who are all based on people he knew growing up, IContinue reading “Shades of Gray: A Review of A Bronx Tale”

While You Were Sleeping: All The Lonely People…..

Written by Daniel G. Sullivan and Frederic LeBowDirected by Jon Turteltaub I had forgotten just how truly enjoyable and good While You Were Sleeping is until I had the opportunity to rewatch it. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman are wonderful together, exuding chemistry and making their characters believable as they work their way to eachContinue reading “While You Were Sleeping: All The Lonely People…..”

Amistad: The History We Were Never Taught

Written by David FranzoniDirected by Steven Speilberg I have to admit that my greatest emotion after having seen this movie was anger… Anger that I never learned of this incident throughout my school years. Despite being and Advanced Placement student, not one of my courses ever touched on the La Amistad incident. One could supposeContinue reading “Amistad: The History We Were Never Taught”